Level 2 Boot Camp

Classes are on-going 12 months/year in over 20 locations around Austin. These classes offer athletes of all levels a constantly varied workout, incorporating the couplets and triplets from CrossFit, high-intensity interval training, kettlebell, Dynamax medicince ball, and traditional sports conditioning.This type of training allows everyone to continue to progress, whether you're a beginner or an elite athlete. Our Level 2 boot camps are the most efficient, challenging, results-based outdoor fitness in Austin.

Classes have pre-programmed workouts to complete each day in addition to work prepared by coaches of each class. This allows athletes to compete for the top male and female time each day across all classes. The programmed workouts are posted on the WOD page of the site. 
Athletes are responsible for bringing their own mat, kettlebell, and workout log to class. Ask your coach which weight is right for you.

 Level 2 boot camps coached by Megan
5:30AM Tues/Thurs at O. Henry Middle School
6:35AM Tues/Thurs at O. Henry Middle School

8:00AM Tues/Thurs at Barton Hills Elementary

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Level 1 Boot Camp

4-week program designed to jump start your CrossFit training in a dynamic, outdoor setting. During the 4-weeks, you will receive guidance on proper nutrition, proper technique on CrossFit and kettlebell movements with workouts that get progressively more challenging. The accountability of your coaches and peers will allow you to get on track and on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Boot camp meets for an hour 3 times per week for 4 weeks. Level 1 Boot Camps are on-going 12 months/year at locations around Austin. At the end of the 4-week program, you can move into our on-going Level 2 Boot Camps where you will continue to progress.
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