Monday, August 29, 2011

Zilker Relays continued

Boot Camp coaches sweating through a Relentless workout.

 Zilker Relays are only a few days away. I have continued with my training involving a greater focus on timed intervals and dropping into a Relentless Boot Camp once a week. Today all of us boot camp coaches took on a workout programmed by Coach Heather Reed. It was a doozie at 1:00 in the afternoon. After that workout, I feel more than ready to run 2.5 miles on a Friday evening.

Last Thursday I did the following track workout: 8 x 200m sprints with 60 seconds rest.

I rested about 5 minutes and finished with 6 x 40yd sprints barefoot on the football field. I worked on quick leg turnover and arm drive. Running barefoot really helps me feel where I am striking on the ground and to pull, pull, pull with my hamstrings for speed.

Who will I see on Friday sportin' their Double Cs and/or Relentless gear to kick off Labor Day weekend with a fun run?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are you for me....

A hand full of the Relentless Coaches
Are you for me, against me, or for yourself?

I recently read an article that touched on the questions above regarding Leadership. I was asked to evaluate the past 5-10 Leaders/Bosses/Management in my life. I did the exercise about others but was quickly convicted on my own Leadership skill sets. 

I write this blog to my fellow colleagues at CrossFit Central, CCATX, RedBlack Gym, and specifically, the staff of 10 Relentless Boot Camp coaches I work with directly day in and day out.

I commit to lead FOR others.
I commit to being present to my actions-- awareness to when I make decisions that are for me or against others.
I commit to everyone winning.
I commit to each of you accomplishing every goal written down and more.
I commit to your happiness, fulfillment, and future.
I commit to building a fit community.
I commit to changing the world through the vehicle of fitness.
I commit to unlimited possibilities.


And I quote: If our goal is to “do unto others as we would want done to us,” then I suggest as leaders we reevaluate who we are for and why? If we can show others that we are authentically for them then I believe you will find yourself having even greater influence with those you lead.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Needing more

My friend, fellow Coach, and Golden Girl-- Jess Clark
I am thankful for my friends! If it wasn't for them, I would be sad. I find myself needing to be around my sisters and friends more often than usual. I have been missing my brother and Mom and Dad quite a bit. The past couple of days I have woke up completely on the wrong side of the bed and for no apparent reason. Honestly, my life is pretty amazing right now, which is why I get mad for being down in the dumps.

Do you have days like this?
I love my independence and coming and going as I please. However, I have felt this emptiness, void, loneliness that I have not experienced in a long time. I am battling the fine line of marveling in the wonderful world of singleness versus the need and desire for true connection. I am learning very quickly the old saying-- you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Where is the balance? I believe it is possible to have a career I love while simultaneously having a relationship and a family. But it's hard to hold on to that belief when so many people around you exhibit the complete opposite. Am I living in a make-believe world?

Today I declare no more Sunday Syndrome, a case of the Mondays...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where's my Sashimi?

Michelle attends the Tu/Th 6:30am Relentless Boot Camp at O.Henry Middle School. Last week she ventured to the lovely beaches of TX in Port A and experienced her very 1st deep sea fishing trip. Her recap of the adventure brings even more awareness of why being fit across all domains is vital in all aspects of life and not just fitness. Nice work!! Michelle writes...

Exhilarating and exhausting!

My first catch was a 20+lb TUNA!  One of the hardest things I have done in took every ounce of strength (thank you CrossFit) and a lot of mental determination. There were definitely moments of wanting to hand over the fishing pole...but that is not the meaning of RELENTLESS!  And although I had complete muscle fatigue I was able to recover and catch a few more fish!

I have a whole new appreciation for the sport of fishing!  And yes we had TUNA sashimi ---delicious! What a wild experience!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Zilker Relays

Manzano Mile on to the next one...

Zilker Relays are right around the corner. I ran last year with Big Mike, Jen C, and Web. We had a blast! I am competing again this year with 3 other coaches at CrossFit Central. I feel more ready than ever for the 2.5 mile loop.

Consistently over the past few months I have done a weekly track workout. The training includes explosive intervals with short, timed rest breaks. Just this past Friday I did the following:

3 rounds-
300m sprint, rest 90sec
200m sprint, rest 60sec
100m sprint, rest 45 sec

4 minute break

Barefoot on the football field---
10 yd sprint, 10 yd back peddle, 20 yd sprint-- x 6 with 30 seconds rest

Over the next few weeks I will focus more on timed intervals, similar to the workout above, and include a few more CrossFit workouts with 400m, 600m, and 800m runs as well as drop into a Relentless Boot Camp once a week.

Watch out for Team CrossFit Central on September 2nd!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Insanely Great

Relentless Boot Camps are bringing on new coaches constantly. We are on a mission to train these coaches to be the best in their field in all capacities---coaching, business, personal life. I received the email below today, and it hit the nail on the head.

I am the first to admit that I want everything yesterday. However, I am very aware to be insanely great does not happen over night. Patience. Diligence. No excuses. And HUSTLE go a long way. I am a firm believer that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen. For me, it was making a livelihood doing what I love and no one was going to stomp on that dream. I am more fulfilled than ever and ready for bigger challenges.

 Here's to chippin' away at 10,000 hours....BAM!
In today's world of 27 year old billionaires it's easy to 
a) believe that success at a young age is the norm, and that 
b) If you aren't rich and famous before 30, your life is a waste.

Malcolm Gladwell in
"Outliers", makes the case that one needs to spend 10,000 hours mastering a skill in order to be successful at that skill.

I'm not sure if 10,000 hours is the correct amount of time, but I do know that as one gets older and more experienced at a task, it not only becomes easier, but easier to work to a higher level.

It doesn't matter if you are writing, playing the piano, auditing or cartooning. There is a level of insight that one only achieves through time.

This is not to be confused with 'right place, right time', or 'emotional intelligence', physically demanding work  or other factors in monetary success, but being "insanely great" at something doesn't happen over night.

Monday, August 8, 2011


( with ShowBro)

I am the oldest of 4 kids. All 3 of us girls live here in Austin, my brother now lives in the DFW area, and my parents live outside of Houston. We are super close even at a distance. I  never thought I would be happy or really care to see the day when my parents took on text messaging; however, when I open my phone to a text like the one below that is sent to me and my 3 siblings----I realize how loved and supported I am from a distance. And, that my Dad can type a legit, long text. Ha!

A text from my Dad...

I know that all 4 of you are at different stages in your lives. I want to remind you that nothing great is accomplished UNLESS YOU HAVE A DREAM. Never lose the capacity to DREAM. Pursue your DREAM with PASSION and have faith that it can and will come true. Love y'all very much!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


The above picture is simply a continuation of why I love my job. The showout ladies in the MWF class at Lake Pointe surprised me with orange juice and champagne for a post-workout celebratory toast for Austin Fit magazine's 10 Fittest. It is because of people like them in my life that make dreams a reality.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted and brought more recognition to Relentless Boot Camp and CrossFit Central. We will be a house hold name by Spring 2012. BAM.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Relentless from afar

Oh let me count the reasons why I love my job...

A 2+ year Relentless athlete, Michelle, could quite possibly be one of the top spokeswomen for Relentless Boot Camp. Michelle introduced her friend Rachel to my blog along with CrossFit Central's and Relentless's website. Rachel recruited some ladies in Vermont and they are doing there own version of CrossFit based on what they have learned from our websites!

Below is part of an email I receive after Rachel completes her 1st IronMan at the age of 39 with 3 children. To preface, I have never met nor spoken to this woman, but I am amazed how connected people can be via an online outlet. 

Hi Megan!  I feel like I know you already.  My good friend Michelle just came home to cheer me on at the Lake Placid Ironman.  She introduced me to CrossFit and Paleo last summer and I have been doing it since then.  We have one CrossFit program in Bennington, VT.... Anyway, I have been getting workouts from the Relentless Boot Camp website for the past year and me and three girlfriends do them three times a week on our own.  Thank you for helping me from afar!  I feel strong and fit... 



Another spectator sees Michelle running with Rachel, cheering her on, jumping over a fence, climbing over some tables to run, then back to the finish to tell her family she was she went by him he said "WOW your are relentless!"(The blue tee says it all.)