Success Stories


Prior to boot camp, I was pretty much at my all time heaviest, and I was eating and drinking to make myself feel better.  I felt weak and sluggish both physically and mentally.  I was emotionally disconnected from friends and family because I just wasn’t happy. I kept saying I was not in a good place mentally as a crutch to not commit to any fitness endeavor.  The first thing I noticed after joining boot camps was the mental clarity. It’s amazing how still my mind is when I’m concentrating on my body and that kettlebell—best stress relief ever. I was able to focus at work; I wasn’t zoning out for long periods of time.  I was not angry anymore, and I actually woke up feeling happy for the first time in months.  I was so impressed with the emotional benefits that I decided to take it to the next level and I enrolled in Fuel 21.  I wanted to capitalize on the “high.”  I lost 13 lbs and 9 inches in 21 days and I felt amazing.  I committed to something that scared the crap out of me and I stuck with it, and to my own surprise, I loved it.  I truly felt that I could do anything.  I’ve never been happier and according to my latest blood work, I’ve never been healthier.

My new year’s resolution this year was to try new things and work on self love.  I enrolled in Coach Megan Parsons’s 5:30 am T/TH O’Henry class.  The first mental barrier broken was the “I can’t wake up that early to exercise” barrier.  I was a 3 to 4 time snooze hitter so that was a huge success for me. Next barrier down , the “I can’t do that’ barrier.”  That was the game changer for me.  I can do anything for 20 seconds.  I can do anything for 60 minutes.  I can do anything for 21 days.  I can do anything I set my mind to.  I know it’s not going to be easy but that makes the accomplishment that much sweeter.

I lost over 20lbs, 23 inches, dropped 6% body fat, and went from a size 12 to a size 8!

I started coaching Sarah in Relentless Boot Camp last January and since that time she has changed inside and out. She is fierce, strong, and determined. Sarah has a heart of gold and has truly transformed her life as well as the lives of individuals she interacts with daily. I am honored to coach this lady every Tu/Th in the 6:30am Level 2 boot camp at O.Henry Middle School. Meet 2012 Success Story!

Read Sarah's story below...

I had what I thought was an active, healthy lifestyle. I rode horses several times a week and worked out at the gym but there were no real results. My emotional and mental fitness actually declined as my disappointment grew with my lack of achievement. Even after training and running a ½ marathon, I still felt “soft” & out of shape. My diet was low-fat, and high carb consisting of grains, dairy, lean protein & some veggies, which I thought was on track.

I won a month’s worth of Relentless Boot Camp as a raffle prize at a charity event. I held onto the gift certificate for almost a year, but being at my heaviest & feeling pretty frustrated with my body, I was ready to try something different than the sporadic gym visits mixed with an occasional run at Town Lake.

Since joining Relentless Boot Camp my results have been amazing. My energy is consistent through the day, and I have never felt better. The physical changes have been dramatic, but the mental benefits were my biggest surprise. I feel like I can power through any challenge that comes my way during a workout or at anytime throughout my day.  I also feel a genuine sense of accomplishment as I am held accountable to my goals.  My diet is now primarily Paleo/Zone and is the foundation of it all.

I lost 26 pounds and dropped from a size 8 to a size 4

Every time I go into a class I feel I’m growing.  My mindset has changed from, “I can’t do this”, to“maybe I can survive a little more” and now, “I can & I love it!” I enjoy seeing how far I can push myself now and the boundaries being blown away. It keeps me moving forward, wanting to do good work because of the support and encouragement I get from my amazing Coach Megan Parsons, my partner Carrie McDonald, my supportive boyfriend, and the whole amazing group at O.Henry. Without the confidence and enjoyment I’ve gained from Relentless Boot Camp, I would have never also added CrossFit Indoor classes to my routine.

Before signing up for Relentless Boot Camp Michael was an active triathlete and runner looking for a way to increase his fitness level while remaining injury free. His training had hit a plateau and he wasn't seeing the desired gains. After picking up a Relentless flyer at a triathlon Michael decided to try out a boot camp. In 15 months he lost 20 pounds, 6% body fat, and 5 inches from his waist. He's also set personal records in every race since joining Relentless programs! "I now have more energy and a clearer mind.  I get up earlier, I work more productively, and I feel better." Read Mike's entire story & interview.


I never thought anything would rate higher in my life than saying I am a marathon runner and an Ironman Triathlete until now. Before Relentless Athletic Training, I was an endurance junkie. I was “content” with my body, and I thought I could only be more fit if I was training for another marathon or an Ironman. My diet consisted of whole grains, low fat dairy, lots of fruits and veggies and some lean protein. I was active and healthy but didn’t feel great and thought this was as good as it was going to get.
I was invited by an existing client to one of the free workouts.  I loved it instantly. The workout was challenging, fun, different and there was this energy that is hard to explain, but it was contagious and I wanted to be part of it.
I thought I was in pretty good shape before, but I was shocked by the results! I lost 15lbs and 4% body fat within 6 months. Read Michelle's entire story HERE.


I saw a picture of myself from a party in December 2010 and realized I was spiraling out of control. The smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, and no exercise had caught up with me.
I signed up for Relentless Athletic Training in January 2011 along with the 8-week Trojan Challenge to jump start my goals. My coaches, Megan Parsons and Jessica Clark, had a contagiously positive attitude and my class was full of support.
Since joining Athletic Training, I have seen tremendous improvements. Not only did it inspire me to quit smoking for good, but it allowed me to prove to myself how strong I truly am. Read Emily's entire story HERE.

I was going to another boot camp downtown, but it was the same thing over and over, 3 days a week. The coach was not on time, nor did he take the time to make sure you were doing exercises correctly. I was quickly losing interest in the workout and did not feel a sense of community. I heard some people talking about Relentless and what a good workout it was, and there was a class two miles from my house, so it was very convenient. 
I love my Relentless Training class!  My favorite part is that you work your guts out for an hour and you really cannot think about anything except how to survive that hour. It is mentally cleansing, physically stimulating and a great way to start the day. Read Susan's entire story HERE.

I have struggled with my weight for over 30 years. It has been difficult to find an exercise schedule that I could maintain. I am an OB/GYN, which means at least one night per week I have interrupted sleep from a patient.  I also have toddler twins, which take a lot of energy. I felt ugly, I did not want to buy clothes, I did not feel good about myself at all. Worst of all, I felt I was setting a bad example for my children or my patients.  
I have learned so much about nutrition through Relentless. I am better able to educate and encourage all my patients.  Obesity is the number one health problem in America. When my patients say they can't lose weight because they have tried so many times and failed, I am able to give them first hand advice they have never heard.  I feel passionate when I'm counseling them.  Read Renu's entire story HERE.


BEFORE- Michel is on the far right

AFTER- Michel is on the far left

Michel started back in Athletic Training after taking off for over a year. She jumped right into Fuel 21 in March and lost 11 lbs, and then joined me with April 2012 programs. Michel came to class ready to work and to continue with the success she saw from only changing her eating habits. Since that time she has continued to see huge success. We did her 4 month body comp check in and the results are incredible!

Over 23 inches loss, down 22lbs, & lost 6% body fat

Michel writes--

Hi Meg,
I have to admit, I still can't believe my results.  23 lbs and 24's like walking around with my kettle bell all day

I've always been Team Food.  I love to eat so the thought of not being

able to eat whatever I wanted really freaked me out.  I knew I had to
think about this new lifestyle differently, I had to be positive about
the changes I was committed to make in my life.  It was a rough start
but once I really started believing in what I was doing, it got easier
and my attitude about it changed immediately.  (Seeing and feeling the
results after just a couple of weeks helped too, ha!)  I'm not
dieting, I'm not starving myself, I'm not limiting myself, I can eat
whatever I want to eat, I'm choosing to eat healthier and that choice
is empowering.

I've never felt better, slept better and had more energy.  I'm excited

and I can't wait to see what else I can do now that I know I can say
no to bread and cheese. ;). Holler!


Sandy- before
Sandy- after

Sandy- after
Body comp- results in 2 months!

Sandy does 1-on-1 personal training with me out of my garage gym. In 2 months, Sandy lost 5lbs and 12% body fat! She lost 1in in her waist line, 3 inches around her belly button, & 2 inches in her butt.