Thursday, June 30, 2011

Go Katie!

A big shout out to Katie in the 5:30am Tu/Th O. Henry class! This young lady is a 22 year old student at UT. She is working a full-time internship this summer and has made absolutely no excuses about getting up early to workout. In my experience, that is not typical behavior for college students. I have no doubt she will achieve every fitness goal she has written down. I am honored to coach her. Check out a recent email below from Katie...

...It's so weird to think that a year ago I never cooked, ate out all the time and had prepackaged food probably every day and worked out probably once every 6 months. Then I spent 4 months in Italy eating pasta at every lunch and dinner!!! I am digging my new life, feeling healthier, more energized and happier every day. I really think boot camp has been the one reason why my life has gotten so much better over the past few months. I'm gonna keep working hard and pushing myself!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!