Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Coffee Bean

Move over green tea. Meet the green coffee bean. I have been reviewing the research on the green coffee bean that was presented last month at the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world's largest scientific society by Joe Vinson, PhD. The results were dramatic. Participants lost an average of 17 pounds during the 22 weeks of the study. It included an average of a 10.5 percent decrease in overall body weight and a 16 percent decrease in body fat. But, let me point out these were obese subjects, so the big drop in body composition numbers is naturally more extreme.

Chlorogenic acid is a compound found in coffee which has long been known for its beneficial properties. Simply put, green coffee beans are coffee beans that are fresh and have not been roasted – the coffee we brew has been roasted and this is why it is brown, rather than green.  Green coffee beans naturally contain chlorogenic acid, which is the active weight loss compound in pure green coffee beans.  Roasting coffee beans destroys the cholorgenic acid. The chlorogenic acid is thought to boost metabolism by changing the way glucose is taken up by the body. 

Starbucks is even capitalizing on the latest research and now carries a green coffee extract.

Benefits of Green Coffee Bean:
  • Increase in the effectiveness of pain killers, especially for migraine medications
  • Reduction in the risk of diabetes
  • Assisting the body burn a higher proportion of lipids (fats) compared to carbohydrates, which could help with muscle fatigue for athletes.
  • Prevent liver disease and support liver health
  • Additional benefits from more cited research
I will be trying this product over the next 4 weeks and let you know if the product is legit or a bunch of hype by media from a clinical study.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

London Labor

Edinburgh Castle
Michelle attends my Tu/Th 6:30am Athletic Training class at O.Henry Middle School. She traveled to London this past week for the Virgin London Marathon and wanted to stay on top of her workouts while out of the country. I pulled together body weight movement exercises for her to do over the course of the 7 days. Below is the compilation. Michelle said it best when describing the picture above...."The queen comes for a week or two in the summer. Pretty sure she doesn't do lunges!!"


1000 walking lunges
900 situps (butterfly, regular, suitcase, or V-ups)
800 Knees to elbow (every side counts as a rep)
700 lateral jumps
600 squats
500 froggies
400 burpees
300 pushups
200 grasshoppers
100m sprint x 10 times

*All the reps need to be completed within the 7 days. Break up as needed over the week.

 Never use the excuse that you cannot workout while traveling. Where there is a will there is a way. All it takes is a little preparation and a fun attitude.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

L-O-V-E my classes

This week marks our annual Spring Cleaning for our indoor and outdoor programs. I enjoy this time, because it gives me the opportunity to do a lot more relaxing, reading, sleeping,  and hanging with friends. I have been very present to how much I love my career.  I am privileged to coach some of the most successful, educated, and inspiring individuals in Austin, TX. It is only Tuesday of a full week of being off from coaching my Relentless Athletic Training classes, and I have been able to hang out with multiple athletes I coach.

Saturday evening I attended a baby shower for Ruthie who is in my Barton Hills class. The picture above is all the ladies in the class showin' out over Ruthie's soon-to-be new little baby boy. Later that evening I hung out with Sarah who has lost over a pant size in 4 weeks and is performing 50 pushups on her toes daily to get stronger---before/after pictures coming soon.

Interacting with my athletes outside of class allows me to learn how much we are a team; how important accountability is for success; and how much everyone is enrolled in a healthy lifestyle and achieving every fitness dream they can imagine.

Come find out what the camaraderie is like in one of the 4 classes I coach. I will comp the 1st class for you. View my coaching schedule HERE and email to try out a class.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rest Breaks

Proper timing of rest breaks is critical during interval training. I learned this at a young age when my Dad coached me in track. A 30 second rest break vs. a 2 minute rest break can make a world of difference on the metabolic pathway your training; how quickly you recover; the timing of when you want to peak for a specific competition; and the consistency of the splits across the board.

Manipulating rest breaks allows the coach to push an athlete to different extremes. I've seen this 1st hand with myself and a few other coaches I run with during the week. The consistent track work we put in each week has allowed us to sustain multiple workouts in a given day and at a competition without breaking down, and we are able to fight through lactic acid barriers that often hinder many CrossFit athletes.

For example-- running 100m sprints on the minute for 10 minutes is vastly different than running 10x100s with 90 seconds rest. Both are great, BUT it all depends on what your end goal is for training. That is where a coach is helpful.

I am loving track workouts and the science behind the manipulation of a rest break. It's never too late to start!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Age is only a number

Track is my 1st love. I made my typical visit to Westlake track last Friday and met 2 of the most sincere, hard-working, full-of-life men--> Lamar & Rob. These guys were warming up, doing track drills, running sprints, and then ending with Dynamax med ball work after the track workout. 200 repeats were on the schedule for them that day along with Lamar working on his hurdles.

After our conversation I was inspired and reminded that age is only a number. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Rob (pictured on the right) has lost 90lbs! He's an ex-athlete who has a new found love for fitness and health. Check out his blog about our track visit.

After talking with them more I learned about the track circuit in Austin and how I can be more involved. Check out the schedule for Track For Life HERE. Plan on seeing me out there this summer. I might even have to sport some Michael Johnson gold spikes.

Is there anything you stopped doing athletically because you thought your time had passed? If so, I encourage you to give it a try again. It's never too late. I'm inspired all over again. Friday was a morning where I saw the miracles of Jesus in the making. I changed my schedule from the original plan and it turned out to be the perfect morning.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Small group training forming NOW

I am a huge proponent of interval track work paired with bleachers, body weight exercises, kettlebells,  and exercise bands. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training is all about speed. Speed during exercises - it's intense. Speed during workouts - usually they last less than 20 minutes and speed for results. A HIIT workout will lose up to 9 times more fat than a similar cardio workout. HIIT training has a number of distinct goals and differences which make it unique.

One of the key principles around  HIIT is preventing a plateau. It’s designed around pushing your body to constantly adapt. Get off your plateau or simply get off your butt and take advantage of training with the Pump & Shred crew.

Personally I love training with 1 or 2 other people to enhance the level of accountability and to have someone to encourage me, sweat with me, and have fun. Training in a small group with a personal trainer offers the benefits of 1-on-1 training with half the cost. Lots of attention and more bang for your buck.

  • Fri 6am at O.Henry Middle School- 1 open spot!
  • Wed & Fri 7am at O.Henry Middle School- 2 spots!
  • Mon & Wed 10am at Austin High- 3 open spots!
  • Saturday 10am at O.Henry Middle School - 2 open spots!
Price: $300 per 8 sessions for 2x/week. Single a la carte sessions can be purchased at a rate of $40 a visit.

Email me at for inquiries on additional times & locations.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

True Strength

I have the privilege of coaching and training along side some of the top athletes in the sport of CrossFit. Their physical strength is unmatched compared to the everyday population, and they give other CrossFit competitors from around the world a run for their money at competitions.

Easter Sunday I saw strength in a completely different light. My Dad is someone I look up to, trust, admire. A man I turn to for advice. He is someone who has always believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself. He's provided unconditional love and a good dose of tough love in my 31 years.

As I wrote earlier this month, losing my Poppie was extremely difficult. I have come to realize it was just as hard on my Dad too losing his father. On Sunday I saw my Dad show strength through vulnerability, honesty, and love---It takes strength to weep over your Father in front of your kids.  It takes strength to share you would not be where you are today without the death and resurrection of Jesus. It takes strength to simply admit you are sad and missing a loved one. My Dad's ego was put aside, no hard shell, and raw strength shining.

I am surrounded by physically strong men every single day, but to see a man show strength from deep down in his soul was a day I will never forget. My Dad is a man who will forever hold a dear place in my heart and has set the standard for what it means to be strong from the inside, out. Love you, SHOWdad!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jesus WOD take 2

My morning Relentless Athletic Training classes took on the Jesus WOD this morning after our daily scored WOD. I was impressed and moved when Stephanie from my 5:30am Tu/Th O.Henry class stayed past class to complete the workout, and then 4 ladies (pictured above) from the 6:30am Tu/Th O.Henry class stayed after class to finish the workout too. Not only were these gals determined to complete the WOD; the symbolism behind the workout encouraged them to push that much harder.

I did the barbell version of this workout 2 years ago, and today Coach Jess and I did the kettlebell version.  The meaning behind the workout was still just as powerful!

14 rounds-
10 American swings
10 two-handed squat cleans
10 two-handed push press
30ft walking lunge with kettlebell in any position
After rounds 3, 7, 9 perform 3/3 turkish get-ups

The KB cannot rest on the ground or there is a 5 burpee penalty.
*Rx weight-- female: 1pood or 35lb; men: 1 1/2 pood

I completed the workout without setting the KB down in 49:44. The KB only rested when I was preparing for the TGU. It was a doozie just like last time, but the meaning behind the workout made the hour invigorating.

I challenge you to give it a try this weekend with your family or fellow athletes.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Saturday was the kick-off to the Relentless Event Series. I competed in the Adventure Race with Davianne who is a friend and also a client in my Tu/Th 6:30am Athletic Training class at O.Henry Middle School. We are Team Showout through the course of the event series.

We had a blast! Covered in mud, full of laughing, piggy-back rides, swinging kettlebells, and encouraging each other on the last home stretch. Team Showout placed 3rd in the Women's division. We are already gearing up for the next event!

Join in on the fun at the 5K Race on May 12th and/or Garage Gym Throwdown on June 2nd. Details here.