Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon I get up at 5:30AM. Ha! How about pretty much everyday I get up at that time. Anyways...I am driving down Cesar Chavez this morning and literally almost run off the road, because I cannot stop staring at how beautiful the moon was this morning. For those of you who do not know, it happens only once in a blue moon, but a blue moon will shine tonight on New Year's Eve. I did a little research to learn more about this phenomenon when I got back home this morning.

Most months have just one full moon, because the 29.5-day cycle of the moon matches up pretty well with the length of calendar months. Occasionally, there will be two full moons in a month, something that happens about every 2½ years, NASA says. Go HERE to read more.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first reference to a blue moon comes from a proverb recorded in 1528:

If they say the moon is blue,
We must believe that it is true.

Saying the moon was blue was equivalent to saying the moon was made of green (or cream) cheese; it indicated an obvious absurdity. In the 19th century, the phrase until a blue moon developed, meaning "never." The phrase, once in a blue moon today has come to mean "every now and then" or "rarely"—whether it gained that meaning through association with the lunar event remains uncertain.

I challenge everyone to do something different this year. Embrace the phrase once in a blue moon and make 2010 the year of change. Do not just think about making those resolutions or achieving those goals. Do something that is rare; aka: once in a blue moon! Join a CrossFit Central class and/or Relentless Boot Camps. We start back up on Monday, January 4th.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Walk by faith and not by sight

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice; it's not a thing to be waited for, it's a thing to be achieved." William Jennings Bryan

Webster dictionary defines destiny as:
- something to which a person or thing is destined: Fortune
- a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency

The quote above by Jennings and Webster's definition contradict each other, which I find quite amusing. I am in favor of the quote. I will not sit around and wait for things to happen, hoping everything falls into place, crossing my fingers that I reach my goals. No way. My mindset is proactive and not reactive.

2009 was a growing year for me. Career change. New friends. Relentless attitude to be financially free. Previous friendships abruptly ended. New house. New outlook about body image. Leaps of faith. Walking forward blindly and not looking back. Stomping out fear.

I have an overwhelming sense of peace about this year. I know without a doubt there will be challenges, but I am so passionate and excited about my future that nothing will get in my way. I could not agree more with Jeremy's mantra for this year--set the captives free. My heart's desire is to empower everyone I come in contact with to be the best they can be. Freeing people from bondage, sadness, depression, etc...

My mantra is walk by faith and not by sight.

I started doing this more the past 3 months, and it has made a huge impact in my life personally and financially. Watch out 2010. Showout Meg is full speed ahead.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas will never be the same for me after today. My dear friend, Emily, who workouts at CrossFit Dallas Central texted me yesterday about this WOD, and we decided to take on the challenge. My sisters and I did the workout below this morning, and my brother and Dad are doing it this afternoon. The hardest part was definitely the thrusters to the burpees. In my head I was singing---"5 pulllllllllllllllllllllllllups." It took me 58:50. Longest workout in forever. I did the math for you--the workout is a total of 650 reps + a mile run. Give it a try. It may have been miserable while doing it, but now I feel invigorated and ready to showout all day with the fam. Merry Christmas!!!!


12 rounds, each round add the next movement...


12 - Air squats
11 - Pushups
10 - KB swings (I used 40lbs)
9 - KB high pulls (I used 40lbs)
8 – Thrusters (I used 65lbs)
7 – burpees
6 – box jumps (24in)
5 – pull ups
4 – dips
3 – toes to bar
2 – HSPU
1 – one mile run

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank you!

(pic: Julia, my sister, and me)

I simply want to say a big THANK YOU to all my clients at CrossFit Central. Each of you have made this holiday season so special. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity, friendship, and making my dreams come true. I am fired up to see what 2010 has in store for each of us.

Quote for the day: "Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born." --Dr. Dale Turner

Monday, December 21, 2009

That's Fit

Mel is one of our fun, dedicated, and inspiring clients at CrossFit Central. About a week ago she asked me to write my success story. I was given a questionnaire to fill out, which helped to guide my thoughts. It is amazing how reflection is such a huge key to success for me. I often get so caught up with where I am going that I forget where I was and how far I've come over the past 18 months.

This quote by Sydney Smith sums up the past year for me. I believe with all my heart my career, personal, and physical success stems directly from following my heart, taking negative thoughts captive, and not giving up.

"Whatever you are by nature, keep to it; never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for and you will succeed."

Check out the Success Story HERE.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Michelle's Story



Michelle is one of my Tu/Th 6:30AM Deep Eddy Relentless boot campers. When I see clients 2 and 3 days a week the changes in their physique are not as noticeable to me; however, after seeing Michelle's photos today...WOW!!! That is what I call showin out in no time at all. 3 months to be exact. Below is Michelle's story...


I am CrossFit!

I am CrossFit!

I am a Marathoner!

I am an Ironman!

I never thought anything would rate higher in my life (maybe “I am a mom” someday) than saying I am a marathon runner and an Ironman Triathlete until now. Before CrossFit I was an endurance junkie. I needed my adrenaline rush and needed to sweat to feel good. I felt ok, I was “content” with my body…..I thought I could only be fitter if I was training for another marathon or an Ironman. I ate healthy…whole grains, low fat dairy, lots of fruits and veggies and some lean protein. I was active and healthy but didn’t feel great…again I was content enough and basically settled for that…. CrossFit, however, has taken me into uncharted waters- I've increased my physical and mental strength (didn’t think was possible stemming from previous Ironman training), I'm discovering new muscles, and I am experiencing an overall sense of well-being and confidence that is hard to define other than that I FEEL GREAT! And yes, I still need to sweat to feel good, and still love the adrenaline rush, it is just different now. My mindset has changed..and that is a good thing..actually a great thing!

Within 3 months I've:

  • Changed the way I eat…PALEO has changed my whole outlook on food -Paleo really works for me! I love to cook and have been inspired to create new recipes and am having fun and eating well in doing so.
  • Increased my min per mile pace running (Averaged 7.39 min/per mile pace at a recent 5k). Previously averaged 8:30 to 9:30 min/mile.
  • Lost inches and body fat. I've gone from 15% to 13% body fat and lost approximately an inch almost everywhere!
  • Need new clothes!

I am physically, emotionally and mentally stronger.

I am happy, healthy and feel empowered.

I am CrossFit!

I am CrossFit!


  • Continue to work on technique and firing up fast twitch muscles
  • Stronger and leaner
  • Maintain between 11-13% body fat
  • Continue Paleo as an eating approach in life
  • Learn the Pose running method
  • Try an indoor class

My favorite part about CrossFit is that there seems to consistently be something NEW to learn…..a new move, a new technique, new facts about nutrition, new running form (still have a ways to go on that one) ---I am challenged and inspired by my coach Megan and peers. Thank you for helping me change and “re-shape” my life and attitude!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


MWF 8:30AM Lake Pointe Relentless boot campers

Below are 55 Famous Alibis from Old Man “IF” by Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich. I bolded the ones that really hit home. At this time last year over half this list would have been highlighted; I truly have so much to be thankful for this very moment. Take it from me--go out there and make something for yourself in every capacity. There are no limits!!

What "IF" statement provided the biggest gut-check for you? There is T minus 16 days until the new year. I challenge each of to evaluate your "IFs" and work each day to abolish them before January 1st.

IF I didn't have a wife and family...

IF I had enough “pull” . . .

IF I had money . . .

IF I had a good education . . .

IF I could get a job . . .

IF I had good health . . .

IF I only had time . . .

IF times were better . . .

IF other people understood me . . .

IF conditions around me were only different . . .

IF I could live my life over again . . .

IF I did not fear what “THEY” would say . . .

IF I had been given a chance . . .

IF I now had a chance . . .

IF other people didn’t “have it in for me” . . .

IF nothing happens to stop me . . .

IF I were only younger . . .

IF I could only do what I want . . .

IF I had been born rich . . .

IF I could meet “the right people” . . .

IF I had the talent that some people have . . .

IF I dared assert myself . . .

IF I only had embraced past opportunities . . .

IF people didn’t get on my nerves . . .

IF I didn’t have to keep house and look after the children. . .

IF I could save some money . . .

IF the boss only appreciated me . . .

IF I only had somebody to help me . . .

IF my family understood me . . .

IF I lived in a big city . . .

IF I could just get started . . .

IF I were only FREE . . .

IF I had the personality of some people . . .

IF I were not so fat . . .

IF my talents were known . . .

IF I could just get a “break” . . .

IF I could only get out of debt . . .

IF I hadn’t failed . . .

IF I only knew how . . .

IF everybody didn’t oppose me . . .

IF I didn’t have so many worries . . .

IF I could marry the right person . . .

IF people weren’t so dumb . . .

IF my family were not so extravagant . . .

IF I were sure of myself . . .

IF luck were not against me . . .

IF I had not been born under the wrong star . . .

IF it were not true that “what is to be will be” . . .

IF I did not have to work so hard . . .

IF I hadn’t lost my money . . .

IF I lived in a different neighborhood . . .

IF I didn’t have a “past” . . .

IF I only had a business of my own . . .

IF other people would only listen to me . . .

IF * * * and this is the greatest of them all * * * I had the courage to see myself as I really am, I would find out what is wrong with me, and correct it, then I might have a chance to profit by my mistakes and learn something from the experience of others, for I know that there is something WRONG with me, or I would now be where I WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I had spent more time analyzing my weaknesses, and less time building alibis to cover them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trigger Point Certified

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the RE-GEN class with Cassidy Phillips of Trigger Point Performance. It was a great yet extremely painful day of learning biomechanics, posture, hydration, muscular elasticity, and, of course, the basic guidelines of teaching Trigger Point performance therapy.

A couple of important things I learned...
1) A deep breath creates oxygen, which in turn enhances blood flow to the muscles, and together those provide greater elasticity.

2) Cassidy straight-up told me my muscle fascia is beyond tight and compacted. He says, "Your muscles may look nice, but in 10 years lets hope you can walk." Eek. It was something along those lines. Regardless, it got my attention asap!

3) I stand with my hands on my hips and all my weight on one side ALL THE TIME. I was called out about my stance the entire day. Quite entertaining. You would think after a dozen times I would get it right =)

4) Hydration is key, and not just from water. Get some Rehydrate.

4) TRIGGER POINT WORKS. I already knew this because of prior use, but now I truly understand the art of these products. I saw my muscles loosen up (aka: become more elastic) as the day progressed.

I am challenging myself to Trigger Point at least 3x a week. Call me out and make sure I am doing this consistently. Feel free to contact me and learn how to use these products properly. The website also has a ton of great information.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mike's Story




Mike is in my Tu/Th Deep Eddy 6:30AM boot camp.

Mike originally joined Relentless Boot Camp after getting frustrated with weight training and struggling with running injuries. He had lost 15 pounds in the previous year, but still could not ‘crack the code’ on getting the results he wanted. His goal was to build lean muscle mass and endurance while eliminating excess body weight. After his first four months of boot camp, Mike dropped an additional 15 pounds and over 5% body fat. Boot camp training also delivered performance gains, as Mike shed 2 minutes off his mile pace in one year! Mike has altered his diet to eliminate processed foods, sugars, and most dairy products, and feels healthier and has more energy.

Mike's long-term goals are to decrease his body fat to below 9%, build lean muscle mass, continue to make improvements in endurance races, and most importantly, continue to enjoy the challenges and camaraderie Relentless Boot Camp provides.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all. -- William Faulkner

Relentless boot campers in the MWF 8:30AM Lake Pointe class surprised me this morning with a Christmas present. Woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beyond grateful for all the amazing people I have met this year. Faulkner's quote above speaks to me. The more I take "ME" out of the equation and focus my energy and strength on others-- the end result is a complete feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. The art of Give & Take. Gratitude.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Give Back

We all know I am a huge Texas Tech fan. I am very fired up for the Alamo Bowl January 2nd. Wreck'em!! My Nannie sent me the email below that was posted on Raider Power, Texas Tech's college paper.

I was at the men's polo (Dillard's) yesterday in Lubbock and saw a great selfless act. A man and his wife were checking out, and when he turned around to leave, he noticed a young serviceman behind him ready to check out. The couple went out of their way to welcome him back. He told him that he was only there for a couple of days. Turns out, his grandfather had just passed away and he was home for the funeral. He confessed that he had no clothes and that was why he was at the mall. The man took the clothes from his hands and proceeded to pay for them when the soldier pleaded that he 'didn't have to do that.' The man turned around and said 'Just like you didn't have to defend my freedom. This is my pleasure, son.' The soldier was really grateful, and the sales associate was in tears.

I just thought this story needed to be shared. There really are truly good people in this world, and in Lubbock, TX. =)

Take a moment today and realize how blessed and lucky you are to have the freedom to be a part of a fitness community. Give back this year. Help a child this Christmas and donate a pair of athletic shoes to CrossFit Central's 2nd Annual Holiday Tennis Shoe Drive.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Showout Boot Camp Christmas Party

I am fortunate enough to coach some amazing, dedicated, and fun clients at CrossFit Central. Last Thursday my Relentless boot campers from Deep Eddy, Lake Pointe, and Dick Nichols locations came together at Rio for dinner and drinks (pics above). It was the perfect setting for everyone to get to know each other, exchange workout/nutrition tips, celebrate the holidays, and have fun without burpees =). I must say that my boot campers clean up well!

Quote for the day-- "Never forget that each new day is bringing you closer to your dreams."

Thank you to everyone who came to the Showout Boot Camp Christmas Party. Each of you inspire and educate me in different capacities. Because of you all, I know that each day I am moving closer to my dreams/goals!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Kettlebell Certified

I am officially CrossFit Kettlebell certified. YAYYYYYYYYY!!! I spent the weekend at Bayou City CrossFit in Houston with Jeff Martone and about 25 other individuals from across the country and perfected 20 different kettlebell exercises. I am fortunate to be at CrossFit Central where we have a Kettlebell progam, so I felt confident about the movements going into this weekend. After 2 full 8-hour days of being beat with a kettlebell (I have bruises to prove it), I feel more equipped to coach kettlebells to my clients as well as program workouts. I learned a lot of new drills and kettlebell combinations.

The best part of the weekend was when Jeff used me as a human kettlebell to perform a Turkish get-up (see the pics above). I'll post the video on my blog as soon as I get it. Let's just say at the top of the movement I screamed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chinese Proverb

Dick Nichols 6:00PM Tu/Th Relentless boot camp

If one has determination, then things will get done. -- Chinese Proverb

I could not have said it better myself. The other day in Relentless Boot Camp at Lake Pointe I said, "Excuses are like butt holes; everyone has one." I admit probably not the most tactful statement that has ever come out of my mouth, but it goes hand in hand with the Chinese Proverb above. Determination is a quality everyone possesses; however, it is how we use that determination to produce results, not quit, keep moving, and remove excuses.

This past year has been a test of my determination physically, mentally, and professionally. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be a full-time coach at CrossFit Central and pursuing my dream career, I probably would have looked at you and said, "I can only wish..." Here it is a year later and I am living the dream, but what is even more amazing is my determination has honestly just now kicked in full speed.

I think I would add one more word to the Chinese Proverb--passion. Determination and passion lead to getting things done.

What do you want to get done in 2010? Start mapping out your goals now!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My boot campers this morning referred to me as "domestic." LOLOLOL!!! If you know me, then you know this comment is hilarious and quite entertaining. However, there is a bit of truth in the adjective. I made a quick trip to Bed, Bath, & Beyond yesterday to buy a new skillet. I saute vegetables, cook meat, scramble a skillet multiple times a day. Unfortunately, the skillet I was using had reached its max life capacity. I am pretty certain I was consuming Teflon on a daily basis. Ick. Anyways...

Bed, Bath, & Beyond is having a killer sale on their Calphalon skillets. I got a 10" and 12" skillet for $50. Typically a 12" Calphalon skillet is around $80 so two for $50 is quite the deal. When I went to cook my eggs and chicken sausage this morning I honestly felt like I was eating the best breakfast ever. I did not waste half of my breakfast due to it sticking all to the pan. I know I may sound a bit over the top, but if you do not have a good skillet to cook in then go invest in one now. The best way to reach your fitness goals is with proper nutrition. What better way to do it then by cooking your own meals. Buy yourself an early Christmas and be "domestic."

Monday, November 30, 2009


Mary and Julie are in the 8:30AM MWF Lake Pointe boot camp. They successfully completed the San Antonio Rock & Roll marathon and 1/2 marathon. Way to go, showouts!!!


To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

How do you define success?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

ShowFam workout

My family and I took on a post-Thanksgiving WOD. We decided on the Lumberjack 20 in honor of the fallen soldiers from Ft. Hood. We are all at different fitness levels and the workout was scaled to everyone's ability. My mom used a kettlebell instead of a barbell for deadlifts; row instead of run; performed air squats instead of over head squats; and the cut the rep scheme in half. CrossFit is literally scalable to all fitness levels.

On each 400m run I was thinking over and over in my head how lucky I am to have a family that is healthy, fit, and loves to be together. I am blessed!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am thankful for...

Me and my sister and best friend, Paige

I am blessed! I feel that the word "thankful" is almost an understatement to describe the past 11 months of my life.

I am thankful for...
  • Family- I am the oldest of 4 kids, and my brother and sisters are my best friends. We all live in Austin, and I could not ask for a better support group. Our parents are rock-solid. Dependable, loving, comforting, honest, and genuine. I can turn to my mom and dad in any given situation and know they will guide me in the right direction. I am loved!
  • Friends- I pretty much consider my friends in Austin my family too. Specifically, Whitney is one of my best friends. She has been with me through good times and bad and always stood strong. Thank you for being my ShowoutBestFriendSisterGoddess!
  • Faith- Life is bigger than what I experience daily. I could not have made it through these last 11 months without my faith. Miracles happen. Believe it!
  • CrossFit Central clients- WOW! I met today with one of my boot campers and I realized even more so how much I love the people I coach daily. They are not just my "boot campers" but they are my friends. People I can turn to for advice and direction.
  • CrossFit Central family- Never did I dream that I would have found my dream job at age 28. Every day I get up and have the ability to impact someone's life, improve my own life, and surround myself with individuals who truly have my best interest at heart. My eyes tear up at times just thinking about how blessed I am right now.
  • my health- Praise Jesus for CrossFit and Paleo nutrition
  • my singleness- I have learned so much about myself over the past year. Digging deep and finding out who I am as just me.
  • my house.
  • freedom.
  • my beat up car.
  • Austin- pretty much the greatest city to live ever.
  • crazy, curly hair.
  • being a showout.
  • skinny ritas- completely random thing to be thankful for, but seriously, they are the best.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mom & Daughter

CrossFit Central is a family. I truly mean that with all my heart. Two of the women in Relentless Boot Camp in the 8:30AM MWF Lake Pointe class pose with their daughters after a workout.

Why use the excuse "I'll start working out after the holidays." Be different. Set an example for your family and friends. Power through the holidays. These ladies exemplify "family" to me and I am honored to coach them. They get up each day and set a precedent for everyone they come in contact. Keep up the awesome, showout work!!!

Join the CrossFit Central family at Deep Eddy park on Thanksgiving Day at 6:00AM for a FREE Relentless boot camp workout. A 5K Fun Run will follow the workout at CrossFit Central on Burnet starting at 9:00AM. Bring a can good to the Fun Run for the local food drive donation.

Who is coming to the FREE workout and/or Fun Run?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Plan of Action

Relentless boot campers in the Dick Nichols Tu/Th 6:ooPM class doing partner wheel barrow walks

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Quotes are emailed to me about every other day from Top Achievement. The quote above was sent to me this morning. Bam. Slap in the face--that statement could not be expressed more perfectly. It made me go back and look at my goals and see where I am and if I am staying on track. I can honestly say I am taking action daily to achieve my goals, but I can absolutely do more. I must admit that I am most focus on the career goals right now. 1 day at a time. Pressing forward. Focusing on the big picture.

Do you have a plan of action for your goals?