Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kettlebell WOD

Some days a workout done all alone is exactly what I need to clear my head. I went to my email archives and did a Relentless Trojan Challenge workout from 2011 this afternoon in my garage. I forgot how much of a doozie the chipper was until today. All you need is a kettlebell and about 25 minutes.

30 American swings
30 clean & press
30 snatch
30 Figure 8s
30 sumo deadlift high pull
30 windmills
30 lunge pass throughs
30 kettlebell crossover pushups
30 swing to high pull
30 burpees
200m walking lunge with KB held over head

3, 2, 1 GO. Post your times below. I used a 35lb kettlebell. After I was done working out, I remembered how much I love my life.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We The People

CrossFit gyms across Austin are joining together to raise funds for Team Red, White, & Blue (enriching the lives of wounded veterans and their families) and Youth In Motion (promoting programs throughout the community that help young people learn how to live healthy, active lives) in a 3 round, 17 minute workout!

The event titled, "We The People," mission is to reinforce the foundations in America that support programs for veterans and build our future through children. We The People will be held at CrossFit Toro Grande on September 22nd, from 8AM-12PM.

I am absolutely participating in this event. There are advanced, intermediate, beginner, and kids divisions. Everything it represents is what I believe in and where I want to give back. This event is not not just about signing up to compete. I challenge everyone to raise money via FirstGiving! We are looking for vendors and sponsors too. Email events@crossfitcentral.com if you want to help.

How to Participate:
1) Register to compete or spectate HERE
2) Raise donations HERE

The workout:
3x5 minute rounds, 1 minute at each station, 1 minute rest between rounds

Thrusters @95lb/65lb/45lb/PVC
Box jumps @24"/20"/12"/Step-ups
Kettlebell swings @25kg/16kg/8kg/5# or 10#
Burpees on to a plate
Row for calories

Who's in? 3, 2,1 GO.

Monday, August 20, 2012

PCOS: The Zone

I choose to see all setbacks as feedback to make a new choice.

There are instances that clearly have a defining moment that have changed the trajectory of my life. Another word for this experience-- a BREAKTHROUGH. I will forever remember Sunday, July 22nd. Upset, frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, stuck. I had come to grips with having PCOS; however, I refused to allow weight to be a battle for me. My livelihood is coaching, living the code, being fit and strong, and I was not going to go another day feeling as if my hormones and all the mess that comes with having PCOS to get the best of me.

That night I decided I would take matters into my own hands and go back to what worked so well for me when I first started CrossFit--> The Zone. Within 4 weeks (28 days), I was so impressed with my results.

10lbs lost, down 2 inches around my waist & belly button, & 1 inch lost in each leg

I am even more encouraged, because I still have a life, getting stronger, and feeling more energized than I have in a while. I stick to my Zone blocks (6 carbs, 15 protein, 20 fat) Monday through Friday and I am more laxed on the weekend all while still eating clean. I still go out. I still have drinks with my friends. I am still balanced. The beauty of the Zone is you can have whatever you want as long as you Zone it. Wine, chocolate, a margarita. However, what you learn very quickly is nutritious food choices are the way to go if you want to be satisfied based on your Zone blocks.

I look back at July 22nd as a breakdown that led to a huge breakthrough for me. The 1st 7 months of 2012 have been a setback for me, but the feedback I have received and learned through this whole journey is what makes me who I am today.

Stay tuned for my next 4 week update with pictures. SHOWOUT is back!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I found this carton of greens at Whole Foods, and it had exactly all the greens I love to eat on a daily basis all together. They call the the bucket of greens, Power Greens, and it's a perfectly fitting name. It includes organic spinach, organic red & green chard, and organic baby kale.

I'm always on the go so it's easy to dump a big bowl full of the Power Greens into my plastic container and pair it with some protein and a little fat. I can easily consume a carton of these greens in 2 days. If that sounds crazy to you, then let's talk nutrition and the importance of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Over the past 4 weeks I have been very cognizant about my Zone blocks and getting plenty of vegetables in my diet. Stay tuned for a later post on the journey and success.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Michel's Success

BEFORE- Michel is on the far right

AFTER- Michel is on the far left

Michel started back in Athletic Training after taking off for over a year. She jumped right into Fuel 21 in March and lost 11 lbs, and then joined me with April 2012 programs. Michel came to class ready to work and to continue with the success she saw from only changing her eating habits. Since that time she has continued to see huge success. We did her 4 month body comp check in and the results are incredible!

Over 23 inches loss, down 22lbs, & lost 6% body fat

Michel writes--

Hi Meg,
I have to admit, I still can't believe my results.  23 lbs and 24
inches....it's like walking around with my kettle bell all day

I've always been Team Food.  I love to eat so the thought of not being

able to eat whatever I wanted really freaked me out.  I knew I had to
think about this new lifestyle differently, I had to be positive about
the changes I was committed to make in my life.  It was a rough start
but once I really started believing in what I was doing, it got easier
and my attitude about it changed immediately.  (Seeing and feeling the
results after just a couple of weeks helped too, ha!)  I'm not
dieting, I'm not starving myself, I'm not limiting myself, I can eat
whatever I want to eat, I'm choosing to eat healthier and that choice
is empowering.

I've never felt better, slept better and had more energy.  I'm excited

and I can't wait to see what else I can do now that I know I can say
no to bread and cheese. ;). Holler!

Who's next???!!!!


Monday, August 6, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking

The entire coaching staff at CrossFit Central read The Power of Positive Thinking. I absolutely loved the book. Every chapter was full of real-life examples of individuals who had met with Norman Vincent Peale, scripture, and profound statements. I did not want to forget the wealth of information I read so I took all the scriptures and affirmations found in the book and made myself note cards (see the picture above).  I keep the note cards in my car and read a new card each morning. The message on the card gets my mind right for the day and provides direction for a morning prayer. I can honestly say this has helped me tremendously over the past month. Good stuff in equals good stuff out.

How do you start the day off on the right foot?