Tuesday, March 31, 2009


(pic above: Deep Eddy boot camper working out in the parking garage because of rain)

I have been eating full-on Paleo and mostly Zone since last Sunday (the day after I attended Robb Wolf's Nutrition seminar). Bottom line-- IT WORKS!!!!

I am not constantly hungry, and I love to cook even more now. I typically do not step on the scale but I decided to today. I have been stuck at the same number for a while and I was 3 lbs lighter today, and out of no where I have lost an inch in my waist line!!! The biggest goal of eating Paleo for me was to get stronger and recover more quickly from my workouts, and as a byproduct I'm losing weight and inches too.

Tonight CrossFit Central is hosting a Nutrition seminar at the gym at 7:00PM. Lots of good information to share. I strongly recommend attending.

I am also looking for more people to take on the Paleo Challenge. I have 2 people interested. Who else is ready to get SIC FIT???

Favorite post-workout snack: small sweet potato, peeled and sliced. Coat the pan with coconut oil and sprinkle cinnamon on top of the sweet potatoes. bake at 400-degrees for 15-20 minutes. And if you need a little extra fat, sprinkle 1-2 TB of slivered almonds on top. YUMO!

Monday, March 30, 2009

3 WODs, 1 day

3 WODs in 1 day. (stay tuned for pics)

On Saturday after the UTB and free Indoor workouts, the CrossFit Central coaches met at the gym and did 3 WODs spaced 2 hours apart in 1 day. (disclaimer: I actually did 2 WODs in 1 day and did the 1st WOD the day before since I knew I would miss the 1st workout on Saturday.) Freddy from CrossFit One World came up with the workouts. BRUTAL.

WOD #1-
Complete the following for time:
-10 power clean and jerks (M:185#/W:135#)-- I did 115lbs
-Row 200m
-8 power clean and jerks
-Row 300m
-6 power clean and jerks
-Row 400m
-4 power clean and jerks
-Row 200m
-2 power clean and jerks
Power Clean! This means the the knees must be above parallel in the
catch position.

WOD #2-
Complete seven rounds for time of:
-7 snatches (M:95#/W:65#)
-4 muscle-ups-- I did modified muscle/up with a box
-200m run
To be rx'd, snatches must be caught in a full squat. No power
snatching and then overhead squatting.

WOD #3-
Complete five rounds for time of:
-Run 400m
-Row 500m

I learned so much on Friday and Saturday. I left the workouts bruised, beat up, but empowered. Everyone was encouraging each other. Coaching. Improving skill sets. Breaking through mental barriers. When Saturday was over I felt a sense of accomplishment. I am so thankful to work with such a bad ass group of CrossFit coaches. Top notch. I truly am living my dream each day. We are in training for the Regional Qualifier in Ft. Worth on May 2-3 for the CrossFit Games. Saturday was only a glimpse of what is to come.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Yesterday was the end of the 1st month of the Deep Eddy 6:30AM and Porter MS 6:30 PM boot camp. These boot campers have made huge improvements and lifestyle changes in one month.
- Clothes that never zipped up are zipping up
- Agility has improved--everyone can do the run ladder
- Taking Advocare products
- Squats are below parallel
- Food logging
- Faster times on the workouts

The pics above are Porter Middle boot campers powering through the workout. Don't use the excuse "I'll start next month when I am in better in shape..." Start today. Surround yourself with like-minded people all on a mission to get more fit and healthier. April programs begin on Monday. It's not too late to sign up.

6:00 AM Monday-- Deep Eddy Cardio Agility
6:30 AM Tues/Thurs-- Deep Eddy
6:30 PM Tues/Thurs-- Porter Middle School

*SPECIAL: Current boot campers-- refer 3 friends to sign up for boot camp or 1-on-1 personal training and receive 3 free personal training sessions
* April Boot Camp Specials

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weight Gaining Behaviors

(pic above- CrossFit Central coaches/clients at Robb Wolf's Nutrition cert)

The information in the chart below is based on typical calorie counts of foods and beverages, as well as on scientific studies of the caloric cost of specific eating behaviors. The annual weight gain column is based on calculating the estimated yearly caloric cost of each behavior, then dividing by 3500 calories (the number of additional calories it takes to gain 1 lb). As I mentioned in a previous post, moderation and balance are vital to a healthy lifestyle.





Eating 2nd helpings (200 calories per helping) 3x a week

600 extra calories a week

31,200 extra calories per year

9 lbs

Habitual overeating, every day, 380 extra calories a day

2660 extra calories a week

138,320 extra calories per year

40 lbs

Eating 1 glazed donut every day at work during your coffee break

1450 extra calories a week

75,400 extra calories per year

21 lbs

Drinking 1 regular soda a day, rather than having water

1008 extra calories a week

52,400 extra calories per year

15 lbs

Snacking on 15-20 potato chips a day

1050 extra calories a week

54,600 extra calories per year

16 lbs

Bingeing twice a week (1000 to 3000 cal per binge)

2000 to 6000 extra calories a week

104,000 to 312,000 extra calories per year

30-90 lbs

Eating out at fast-food restaurants 5x a week compared to having a healthy meal prepared at home (56 extra cals per fast-food meal)

280 extra calories a week

14,560 extra calories per year

4 lbs

Snacking while watching TV, 5 hours a week (136 cals per snack)

680 extra calories a week

35,360 extra calories per year

10 lbs

Late night eating, 5 episodes per week (270 cals per episode)

1350 extra calories a week

70,200 extra calories per year

20 lbs

One 1-on-1 Personal training session
Eat gluten-free for 4 weeks
Paleo/Zone booklet
Weekly meetings going over food log (4 total)
1 personal trip to the grocery store
Cost: $100

Are you in???????????????????

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gluten KILLS

On Saturday I attended CrossFit's Nutrition certification with Robb Wolf. AMAZING! I learned so much. I feel ever more equipped, armed, and ready to educate my clients on properly fueling their bodies for health, performance, and weight loss.

The biggest eye-opening realization for me was GLUTEN KILLS. It sounds extreme but after reading the research and seeing results from Robb's clients on a gluten-free diet, I was a believer. Gluten consists mainly of wheat, spelt, rye, oats, millet. All grains contain similar items; rice and corn tend to be somewhat less allergenic. Lupus, RA, Multiple Sclerosis are auto-immune diseases that have been linked with the consumption of grains.

Dairy was another big topic for the certification. There is a high linkage with autoimmunity and hyperinsulinism especially with too early of an introduction to dairy. Gut integrity appears to be the factor. Grass-fed dairy is the best when consuming dairy products.

5 focused, hard-working, ready-to-make-a-lifestyle-change individuals who will commit to 4 weeks of eating a Paleo/Zone gluten free diet. Contact me for more details if you are ready to feel better, look better, and perform better.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Boot Camp...Boot Camp...Boot Camp

One of my newest boot campers wore a shirt (pic above) to boot camp Thursday night and asked if this was what I was trying to get across to her for the workouts. ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Every person joins boot camp at different levels. The beauty of CrossFit is that it is scalable to all fitness levels. I am one proud coach--for the 1st time on Thursday night everyone made it through every single drill on the run ladder. Gooooooooo Porter Middle School boot campers!!! You guys are making huge strides forward. I can't wait to see what is in store for everyone. The potential is unlimited.

CrossFit Central will start a Cardio/Agility boot camp next week. The boot camp is a once a week class emphasizing running, speed, and agility. We will include interval training, tabata exercises, long runs, and fartleks. The class will meet every Monday at 6:30 AM at Deep Eddy; cost is $50. Contact me if you are interested.

6:30 AM Monday-- Deep Eddy Cardio Agility
6:30 AM Tues/Thurs-- Deep Eddy
6:30 PM Tues/Thurs-- Porter Middle School

*SPECIAL: Current boot campers-- refer 3 friends to sign up for boot camp or 1-on-1 personal training and receive 3 free personal training sessions
* April Boot Camp Specials

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back N Balance

I had my very 1st chiropractic appointment with Dr. Lorenzen at Back N Balance last Tuesday, and my adjustment 2 days ago. Back N Balance practices NUCCA chiropractic medicine. In other words, to literally put my head on straight and to help relieve the abnormal stress that is being put on the rest of my body.

On my 1st visit, pre-adjustment x-rays were taken of my skull and atlas bone. Dr. Lorenzen analyzed the X-rays to determine my specific misalignment which she then used for my adjustment. The findings showed my head was 5-degrees twisted to the left. A significant value is 2-3 degrees. Clearly I was a bit misaligned!! Two-hours later of Dr. Shelley working on me, my head is on straight and I have no tension in my neck. My back feels great, and I have noticed the most improvement in my hip area. CrossFit is great for your physical health, but like any form of exercise, it takes a toll on your body. Make it a priority to take preventative measures to stay healthy and functional.

NUCCA Philosophy:
As we go through life, we experience accidents and traumas that cause our heads to be knocked off the vertical axis which causes the rest of our spine to shift and buckle under the weight of our head. This causes irregular changes in the posture and musculature of the body and then eventually degenerative changes in the overall body structure and bone results. My job as a NUCCA Chiropractor is to put your head on straight, literally, to help relieve the abnormal stress that is being put on the rest of your body.

The NUCCA Chiropractic technique is an upper cervical specific technique that is very gentle. It includes very specific X-rays of the head and neck (cervical vertebrae). The top vertebrae in the spine is called the Atlas, this is the bone that surrounds the brain stem and also the bone on which the skull sits. If this bone is not in the correct position, messages aren't going to travel properly from the brain to the rest of the body, or from the body back up to the brain. This phenomenon is known as nerve interference and it can show up in many different ways throughout our bodies.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Wish For You...

Dear Friends, Family, CrossFit clients, and anyone striving to better themselves each day,

I Wish For You...
Happiness deep down within.
Success in each facet of your life.
Close and caring friends.
Love that never ends.
Special memories of all the yesterdays.
A bright today with much to be thankful for.
A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows.
Dreams that do their best to come true.
And appreciation of all the wondeful things about YOU.

Happy St. Paddy's Day and Happy Birthday, Shannon!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

CrossFit on Fox News

CrossFit is truly changing lives. I am blessed to work with the greatest group of coaches at CrossFit Central. It's never too late to join our diverse and dynamic community.

Drop in to one of my boot camps to check it out:
- T/Thurs 6:30AM at Deep Eddy park
- T/Thurs 6:30 PM at Porter Middle School

Check out the story below on Fox news (a 15 second commercial plays before the story pops up).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Happy CrossFit Family

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination. - Tommy Lasorda

If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done. - Vince Lombardi

One happy CrossFit Family...
My sister is attending CrossFit boot camps and working out more than ever before. My brother (pic above) tried out CrossFit for pretty much the 1st time last weekend at the Fittest Games Challenge. The Challenge kicked his ass but he ended up in 8th place and moving on to the Championship on April 4th. His drive and determination are at a whole new level again. It's amazing!

I live with my sister and brother who are very driven, motivated, and ambitious individuals. We challenge each other to be the best we can be in all aspects of life. I'm so blessed and thankful to have a family that is more than just family, but also my best friends and support system. I love that now my siblings aren't just my roommates but also my workout/accountability partners. The 2 quotes above really hit home. The Fittest Games Championship is closer each and every day and the Regional Qualifier is right around the corner.

How determined are you to take it to the next level?????

Friday, March 13, 2009

Paleo Diet & Fat

(pictures above are T/Th 6:30 PM Porter Middle School boot campers training hard in the rain)

Another great read by Nell Stephenson explaining exactly What is Fat???

By definition, a fat is various compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen that are glycerides of fatty acids, a major class of energy rich food. Fat functions not only as an energy source, but also as an integral part of hormone regulation, neurological impulses and our immune system! We all know, more or less, that certain foods are fattening, while others are not. Many people find themselves confused with regard to which fats are part of a healthy diet. To make matters worse, with the different trends that we've seen in the multi-million dollar diet industry, some are confused as to whether to eat any fat at all! Remember the low-fat craze of the early 90's? Many fell prey to the industry's message that fat was bad, and processed carbs were good, so people ate more fat-free (processed) products then ever. The unfortunate thing about this was that the fat in their diet could have come from more natural sources like oils and nuts, rather than processed, white-sugary, floury foods! Even worse, because these foods were fat free, people thought that meant they could eat as much as they wanted without consequences.


To keep it simple, one needn't worry about understanding the biochemistry of how a fat acts in the body (I'd be telling a huge fib if I claimed to be a chemist! : ) At any rate, stick with the Paleo recommendations and DO include healthy fat in your diet. You'll find yourself more satisfied and fueled for longer periods of time if you've included some avocado, or olive oil or raw walnuts along with your meal than if you'd opted for something with only carbohydrates.

AVOID artificial or altered types of fat, especially hydrogenated oils (that are more and more prevalent in processed food these days, which is great from the manufacturer's point of view because it increases shelf life!). As always, on the odd occasion that you might have to choose a packaged food item, be diligent about reading the label to ensure there's nothing in it that you cannot identify (and therefore shouldn't put in your body!). Keep it natural and simple, and don't be afraid to eat some fat - your body needs it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

(singing) It's raining...It's pouring...The old man is snoring...

It's easy on rainy days to stay in bed and make excuses for all the reasons you should not work out. That is the beauty of CrossFit. Multiple exercises can be performed in the comfort and warmth of your home. Below are some sample WODs great for the house or apartment.

WOD #1
5 rounds-
20 squats
20 situps
20 pushups

WOD #2
as many rounds as possible in 12 mins-
5 handstand pushups
10 dips (use a chair and prop your feet on the couch or another chair to increase the difficulty)
20 jumping lunges

WOD #3
5 rounds--
15 dumbell or KB swings
20 squats
25 situps

Get creative. If you have a homemade set of parallettes than add that to the workout. If you have a set of dumbells then throw in some renegade rows, thrusters, man makers, shoulder press, push press, or push jerk.

A big holler baller shout out to the 5:30 and 6:30 AM Deep Eddy boot campers for trudging out in the rain this morning and getting in a killer workout.