Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8 weeks and Beyond

"You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face."- Gatorade Ad

The quote above could not be more appropriate for this time of year. It is blazing hot. No 8-week challenges to help stay the course. It's summer break. Vacation time. The list can go on and on for all the reasons to say "NEXT" and that you need a break.

However, I realized today how thankful I am to coach athletes who hold each other accountable and are consistently applying all the nutrition skill sets they have learned over the past year. As a coach, it is so empowering to see clients come together and help each other up reach their goals, then as a byproduct, I get to see their success in class and outside of class. Seeing clients truly make lifestyle changes and improve their quality of life beyond an 8-week challenge is truly rewarding.

It has been a month since the completion of the Trojan Challenge, and I could not be more proud of the athletes I coached that are continuing to online food log and hold each other accountable post Trojan challenge. I wanted to share an email exchange I was copied on amongst them this week about a recipe (pics of the breakfast above).

Speaking of recipes…I have to share my bfast with you all.

I had leftover egg whites from making a horseradish garlic sauce(recipe in paleo for athletes cookbook.YUM!) for our buffalo steak and veggies last night and so…..for bfast mom and I had……

Egg white crepes with veggies!

4 egg whites

A bit less than a ¼ of a cup unsweetened coconut milk (approx. amount)

Whisked that together.

Heat a 10 inch skillet

I used coconut oil

Pour a thin layer of egg mixture…cook about a min or until you see edges brown and then cover for about 30 sec to a min to cook top.

Slide out and then fill with whatever you have one hand

I used leftover grilled zucchini, grilled jalapeno, and grilled avocado (yes..grilled..delic) and also mixed in fresh spinach and garlic!

Wrap, eat and ENJOY! So amazing!

Who holds you accountable each day?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mike O' Workout

Mike is in my Tu/Th 6:30am Relentless boot camp at Deep Eddy Park. The picture above is him performing sand bag carries up the stairs at Deep Eddy during our week off from class last week. Now that is what I call a Relentless athlete.

Since joining class a year ago, Mike has lost over 20lbs and 6% body fat. He never misses a class, has referred countless friends to our Relentless and CrossFit Central programs, and leads by example to his friends across the country and in the work place. Check out Mike's success story from this past December. He continues to improve daily. The workout below is in his honor.

The Mike O' Workout-
2 rounds- 2 of his co-workers workout in the same class with him
21 KB swings - for losing 21 lbs, and he loves kettlebells
20 burpees- 1st class on May 20th of last year
6 sprints- for losing 6% body fat, and he is the fastest guy in class

Friday, July 23, 2010

A story in pictures...

Me doing handstands for bands with the help of Winchester. The crowds LOVVVVVED the contest. Big Mike had everyone in Tent City doing handstands in the parking lot.

Dinner with CrossFit Central clients and athletes at Monsun Sushi Bar (aka: best dance music ever...and we were at a Sushi bar). Little did the waiters know we would turn dinner into a dance party. The place will never be the same.

Event #1-- look for Jen C.

The stadium full of spectators. I am pretty certain the spectators from the colder states did not enjoy the sun as much as I did. That's why they call me a Sun Goddess =)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another reason why I love Austin?

(Me & my sister, Paige (aka: Red Velvet)

I love Austin, TX! I tell my friends I am like Carrie from Sex & the City when she said she was having a love affair...with NYC. I have so much fun enjoying life and embracing every bit of excitement that surrounds me in Austin. From the healthy people, great food, outdoor events/races, patio restaurants, ritas, amazing job, super friends, fun music, & showout night life... I could not be happier about living in this wonderful city. A recent article on Yahoo Travel ranked Austin as the #3 best city in America for Singles. Ha! All the more reason why this city ROCKS!

Why do you love Austin?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Traveling CrossFitter

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! What a fun, showout, amazing week in Cali. I know one thing that is for certain; the weather in Laguna Beach is a lot cooler than this TX heat. Mad props to all the athletes I coach daily in this heat.

I am so glad I went to support CrossFit Central at the 2010 CrossFit Games. I have stronger friendships with my co-workers after this past week and even more thankful to have the best job ever. I could not be more proud of Jess, Jen, Carey, Lindsey, and our Affiliate team. Job well done!

While I was on vacation, one of my Relentless athletes was also on vacation. The pic above is Michelle from the Tu/Th Deep Eddy 6:30am boot camp on top of Cascade Mountain in the Adirondack's. Michelle writes, ".....gorgeous hike! This was about 2.5 mile hike straight up...almost like stairs except they were rocks and branches ...and let's just say all we do in CrossFit made each one of those steps so much easier! I felt so strong like I could keep going up and up and up and up! :) Thank you!!!!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shopping Spree

Last Friday I took the 12-year old Showouts on an educational shopping trip at Sun Harvest. They learned the difference in carbohydrates, protein, and fat. How to read nutritional labels. What to look for in the ingredients of food products. The importance of shopping the perimeter of the grocery store. Our goal was to leave the store with a basket full of new items they have never tried, and a note pad full of ways to prepare different foods to share with their parents.

We left with the following: Swiss chard, eggplant, prickly melon, almond milk, coconut, Blender Bottle shaker, coconut oil, Garden of Life bar, and a few other items.

I am so proud of these ladies and their 1st 2-weeks of training and nutrition education. They have tried a new vegetable each day and are drinking water in place of sugary drinks.

What steps are you taking daily to improve your quality of life and/or your kids?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Green Goodness

My new "green" drink is MacroLife Naturals Macro Greens. My container of green goodness came in today. I shook up my scoop right when I got home and saw the delivery. I have been drinking Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula for a while and just now changed it up after learning about the product from my co-worker, Diego. I am excited about this new drink because it contains no wheat grass, alfalfa, oat, dairy, or GMOs. actually tastes good.

is a complete phytonutrient herbal supplement. The base consists of certified organic barley greens, proven to be the most effective and least allergenic of all greens. The formula is said to help assist with calming food cravings, especially for sugary, starchy, and salty foods. I'll keep you posted on this aspect.

What is your favorite "green" drink?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Destined for Greatness

Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things. -Joe Paterno

Rainy, muggy days like today make me want to crawl into bed, curl up in a ball, and crash out after coaching all morning long. Days like today are easy to hit snooze, skip your workout, and push your goal list to the side. I personally find it difficult to push full force ahead on gloomy Austin days; HOWEVER, I have big goals and dreams I am chasing daily. Today is different. I am switching my paradigm of thought. Just like good 'ole Coach Paterno said, I am destined to do great things. No one is stopping me. Take that, Rain!

The 2 pics of above exhibit greatness. The 1st one is the Lake Pointe 8:30am MWF class passed out on the ground after a Relentless workout in a parking garage due to hitting snooze for those ladies. The 2nd pic is them showing off their guns after powering through a sweaty, muggy workout.

Go out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN today!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

12 yr old Showouts

Two of my newest personal training clients are Gracie & Ella. As you can see from the picture above, they are already showin' out and flexing their guns. I am beyond excited to work with these 2 young ladies over the next few months. They are motivated to get more fit, kick butt in soccer, swim team, & gymnastics, as well as, learn how to properly fuel their body for activity.

Each week we are setting a nutrition goal. This week both of them must try 1 new vegetable and eat a minimum of 3 servings of vegetables daily. Our next adventure will include a trip to the grocery store.

It is vital to start educating the youth of America on exercise and nutrition at a young age. It is now when each of us can make a most positive impact on their lives. If you have kids, get involved. Get educated. Ask a CrossFit Central coach to help.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dream Big

(2 favorite men in my life minus my Poppie...Dad & Brother)

"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements." -Napoleon Hill

I remember growing up and sitting on my Poppie's lap (aka: my grandpa) and him telling us ghost stories one minute, and the next he would be reading us a story from the Bible. I am extremely close to my Poppie. He is the only grandpa I ever met. My Dad and him are a lot alike. They both are big on encouraging us to follow our hearts, paint a vision, and believe in the impossible.

The past 2 weeks have been crazy busy and awesome. Finding funds to travel to L.A. for the Games. Paying for a trip to Playa to celebrate Jason & Christina's wedding. Beginning a new month of programs. Working with a new personal training client. Attacking goals I've set out for myself & Relentless. Starting a new workout regime. Then today as I was driving home, I gave my Poppie a call. Tomorrow he goes in for a major surgery. I took a moment after the phone call and remembered how blessed I am to be a part of a family who loves me, believes in me, and has high standards for me.

This weekend I will remember how he fought for our country and how much he loves me. I am sending nothing but positive vibes to him. I can't imagine him not being around to see the blueprints of ultimate achievement that he help lay the groundwork.