Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another reason why I love Austin

Do you remember waiting for Santa to drop off your presents? I certainly do. The anticipation, excitement, and dreaming of what I was getting would keep me happy for weeks. My patience was tested, but I was always thrilled when I woke up Christmas morning to my gifts.

I use the example above to represent how excited I am about our new box, CrossFit Central Downtown. This spot symbolizes 7 years of hard work; the fruition and trust of Jeremy & Big Mike's friendship; new opportunities for the entire coaching staff; the ability to touch thousands of more lives in Austin and beyond; space to do day-to-day business operations and collaborate with others; more room for coaches and athletes to train; a top notch training facility for seminars and events.

For some reason, I have been more excited about this box opening up than I have been about anything in a while. Austin, TX to me is one of the greatest places to live. I love the fitness and music scene, restaurants, the lake, night life, races, and FUN of this city. I even recruited my entire family to move to Austin one by one. The location of the new box represents everything that I love about this city and some.  It's partly because it's so close to my house and in the heart of downtown, but also because I am experiencing first hand if you dream it, take action---dreams become reality. The opportunity here is endless. From the 2 indoor facilities to the outside space, it's CrossFit Central, RedBlack, & Relentless Boot Camp all in one.

Thank you Big Mike for finding this killer spot and to Jeremy Thiel for putting a dream into action! I have no doubt CrossFit Central will continue to change the world. This is going to be a fun ride!

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