Monday, December 10, 2012


My trip to the grocery store during the cleanse = lots of veggies!
Balanced body chemistry and maintaining a proper ratio between acid and alkaline foods in your diet are of vital importance to maintaining your health. Too much acidity in the body’s tissues is the cause of many types of health changes ranging from lethargy and fatigue, to obesity, and ultimately to much bigger health challenges and diseases.

One of the top priorities of your body is to make sure that the alkalinity throughout your body remains at a level supporting cellular life. At a basic level, the regulatory mechanisms such as breathing, circulation, digestion, and hormonal production balance the pH level in the body by removing acid residues from body tissues. If the pH deviates too far to the acidic level or the alkaline side, cells become poisoned by their own toxic waste and die.

After returning from Tony Robbins’s conference, Unleash the Power Within, I took on a 10-Day Cleanse. The goal was to make my body alkaline and to reset.  I applied the following guidelines to the 10-Day Cleanse:

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