Wednesday, April 17, 2013


still waiting on his picture. View pics from 70.3 here.

Sean attends my Tu/Th 6:30am boot camp at O.Henry. He's been training with me for a year consistently and the hard work is paying off. He recently competed in the Memorial Hermann Half Ironman. Prior to the race, his training consisted of long bike runs on Saturday and Sunday along with boot camp.

Sean writes--
My nutrition was spot on! I shaved 50 minutes off of my time from my first one and was 14 minutes below my 'acceptable time'. I'm stoked. Thanks for all of your help. I didn't even train for the swim. I literally haven't swam since Oct. The crossfit sprint work we do takes the place of much of the training needed in my opinion. I also shaved 1 minute off the run keeping it under 2 hours! Thanks again for everything. I'll see ya in the morning!

I am so proud of Sean! He is another example of how CrossFit can get you in shape for your endurance events.

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