Friday, May 24, 2013

Celtic Seafare

My weekly trips to the Barton Creek Farmers Market get better and better each week. I'm learning more about the local farmers, and I find myself trying new foods each week.

A few weeks ago I stopped by Celtic Seafare, a locally owned and operated company. They attend the Barton Creek Farmers Market every other weekend. I sampled the cold smoked salmon and bought a salmon dip they had at the Farmers Market that day. It was absolutely delish!

Why does Celtic Seafare salmon tastes so good?
  • Cold smoked in a traditional wood burning kiln. Learn more about the smoking process HERE.
  • Hand cured with pure sea salt and organic cane sugar
  • Finely hand sliced for a delicate texture
  • Fresh farmed Atlantic and wild salmon
  • Responsibly farmed no hormones or antibiotics
  • Open water nets
This salmon is great for grab and go. I would not recommend eating it as your daily fish intake since it is cured with organic cane sugar, but it's my go-to when buying smoked salmon. Next time you're at the Barton Creek Farmers Market I recommend stopping by their booth and giving the salmon a try.

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