Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fun run = PR

Mary attends the MWF 8:30am Relentless Athletic Training class in Lake Pointe. She's been training with us for over 4 years and consistently shows up ready to work and have fun. Last weekend Mary traveled to FL for a some friend time and a 1/2 marathon. Not only did she come back rejuvenated, but she ran 1:52 and finished 19th in her age division! That's my girl....way to go MARY!!!

 She writes...
First destination race with awesome friends!!  ...chose the Seaside Half Marathon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Went for fun and took 3 minutes off my 3M half marathon time from 5 weeks ago, and cut my average pace down to 8:36....15 sec per mile faster than 3M. Finished 19th in my age division finishing at 1:52:36.  Went for fun and had an awesome run!!  


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