Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tracy is Relentless

Tracy attends Athletic Training on MWF 8:30am at Lake Pointe. She has been a Relentless athlete for over 2 years. I will never forget Tracy's first week. She signed her waiver and went on to tell me how she had very weak wrists, could barely run, and was simply going to give this a try along with her yoga. I was ready to watch her life transform.

Fast forward 2 years and she is now doing all Relentless workouts as Rx (prescribed). Tracy started class swinging a 10lb kettlebell and now consistently uses a 25lb kettlebell. She does pushups on her toes for almost the entire workout. This is HUGE due to the fact she came to class with extremely weak wrists. Now Tracy is one of the top finishers in class each day and continues to improve. Tracy has lot over 10lbs, and I can't wait for her next body comp in 2 weeks to see where she is going. Her enthusiasm and consistency is contagious.

I am honored to coach her. Tracy is RELENTLESS.

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