Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Buys

I made a trip to the new Whole Foods out in Bee Caves after my 8:30am MWF Relentless Athletic Training class at Lake Pointe. If you are looking for a treat to combat a sweet tooth without taking 10 steps backward toward your fitness goals, then try out these Ginger Snaps by Go Raw. They are made with organic coconut, sprouted organic sesame seeds, organic dates, & organic ginger powder. Delish! Check out additional flavors HERE.

Another life saver for me has been the boiled-peeled-and-ready-to-go eggs from Costco. My wonderful client, Mary, bought me 4 dozen on Friday and they are just perfect. The price is only slightly higher than regular eggs but you avoid all the time of boiling and peeling. If you are big on fresh farm eggs then this would not be the most suitable, but if you are looking for convenience then make a trip to Costco.

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