Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Relentless improves golf games

Laurie attends my MWF 8:30am Athletic Training class at Lake Pointe. She started class 2 years ago and since then has rehabbed a torn up knee, a broken toe, and had a surgery that put her down and out for 4 weeks. Clearly nothing stops this woman from being the Relentless athlete she encompasses every single day.

Laurie is an avid golfer and goes golfing weekly with her friends and husband. She writes...

CrossFit has been such a wonderful addition to my life! Not only am I stronger and more toned at almost 49 years old, it has pumped up my golf game! I consistently drive the ball 220-240 yards (about 20-30 yards further than before), and I'm no longer sore after playing 18 holes. I used to feel every single muscle after playing, but now I'm not sore at all. Feeling physically strong gives you a confidence you cannot feel any other way. Thanks, Megan, you're the best!!

I love stories like these.  A client joins class to get into better shape but in return ends up significantly improving hobbies outside of working out. Joining a Relentless Athletic Training class will not only get you in shape, but it will improve your sport.

How has CrossFit improved your physical activities outside of class?

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