Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1/2 marathon vs. 50 Burpees

Jamie, her sister, on the left & Jenny on the right
 Jenny attends my Tu/Th 8am Athletic Training class at Barton Hills Elementary. She came to class as an avid long-distance runner and has only improved her endurance since adding Relentless training to her repertoire. Less than 2 weeks ago she made a trip to see her family in Wisconsin and ran the Madison Half Marathon.

Jenny did amazing with only 2 weeks of increased running. I remembered the day she came to class the 1st week of May and said, "I'm running a half at the end of this month." She didn't even think twice about it.

In her division she finished 10th out of 265 and overall 129th out of 2398 with a time of 1:44:20. Jenny, of course, did not think her time was great, but I was super impressed with very little training and a time well below 2 hours. She writes--"I pictured doing about 50 burpees during the last couple of miles and knew I had this."

Now that's what I call a RELENTLESS Athlete. Congrats, Jenny!

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