Monday, August 20, 2012

PCOS: The Zone

I choose to see all setbacks as feedback to make a new choice.

There are instances that clearly have a defining moment that have changed the trajectory of my life. Another word for this experience-- a BREAKTHROUGH. I will forever remember Sunday, July 22nd. Upset, frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, stuck. I had come to grips with having PCOS; however, I refused to allow weight to be a battle for me. My livelihood is coaching, living the code, being fit and strong, and I was not going to go another day feeling as if my hormones and all the mess that comes with having PCOS to get the best of me.

That night I decided I would take matters into my own hands and go back to what worked so well for me when I first started CrossFit--> The Zone. Within 4 weeks (28 days), I was so impressed with my results.

10lbs lost, down 2 inches around my waist & belly button, & 1 inch lost in each leg

I am even more encouraged, because I still have a life, getting stronger, and feeling more energized than I have in a while. I stick to my Zone blocks (6 carbs, 15 protein, 20 fat) Monday through Friday and I am more laxed on the weekend all while still eating clean. I still go out. I still have drinks with my friends. I am still balanced. The beauty of the Zone is you can have whatever you want as long as you Zone it. Wine, chocolate, a margarita. However, what you learn very quickly is nutritious food choices are the way to go if you want to be satisfied based on your Zone blocks.

I look back at July 22nd as a breakdown that led to a huge breakthrough for me. The 1st 7 months of 2012 have been a setback for me, but the feedback I have received and learned through this whole journey is what makes me who I am today.

Stay tuned for my next 4 week update with pictures. SHOWOUT is back!