Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PCOS: D-chiro-Inositol

"If you settle for what got, then you deserve what you get."

I am at path where I can choose to go 1 of 2 ways. I can throw my hands up and say screw it with this whole PCOS mess and settle for being miserable and constantly battling weight gain and no ovulation, OR I can choose to not give up and truly believe God is going to see me through this and come out on the other side with so much learned. I choose the latter.

I found a great doctor to help me on my PCOS journey, Dr. Screven Edgerton. My first appointment last week went super well. He understood my lifestyle with nutrition and training; how I did not want a quick fix but a solution; and he is a big advocate of eastern medicine but understands sometimes you need western medicine to also help heal a disease. After five vials of blood later, he confirmed I had PCOS, which was no surprise.

He prescribed a new product called D-chiro-Inositol by Chiral Balance. It is a natural hormone metabolite used in insulin signal transduction, making DCI necessary for healthy blood sugar regulation. DCI appears to be deficient in women with PCOS. The goal of the product is to help with weight loss and ovulation. I am super excited to see what happens by taking this product. The testimonies are extremely encouraging.

Ladies, if you are simply looking for a new ObGyn, I highly recommend this guy. What's even better is his nurse does CrossFit and is looking at joining our box now after my appointment. It's a win/win situation if you are looking for a doctor who fully understands your lifestyle.

Here's to not settling and beating PCOS!

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