Monday, September 13, 2010

The Michelle

Michelle is in my Tu/Th 6:30am Relentless Boot Camp at Deep Eddy Park. Since joining class a year ago, Michelle has lost 15lbs and and 3 pant sizes. She participates in any competition & challenge thrown her way. Michelle has been a part of the Relentless Adventure Challenge, Trojan Challenge, & Women's Only Challenge. She never misses a class, has referred countless friends to our Relentless Boot Camps, and leads by example to her family and friends across the country and in the work place. Michelle is the go-to person in class for keeping up with the online Google.doc food journal. She not only lives the lifestyle of a Relentless athlete but creates the possibility for others to do the same. Check out Michelle's success story from this past December. She consistently kicks butt and continues to improve daily. Michelle is not just a client but also a friend. The workout below is in her honor.

The Michelle-
Run up & down Deep Eddy ramp then lap around parking lot-- she is an IronWoman
3 rounds: for 3 pant sizes
15 med ball slams- for losing 15lbs and she owns her own med ball
15 pushups- she can do pushups on her toes now
15/15 1-arm overhead squats- she loves to hate these!
Run up & down Deep Eddy ramp then lap around parking lot

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