Thursday, December 17, 2009

Michelle's Story



Michelle is one of my Tu/Th 6:30AM Deep Eddy Relentless boot campers. When I see clients 2 and 3 days a week the changes in their physique are not as noticeable to me; however, after seeing Michelle's photos today...WOW!!! That is what I call showin out in no time at all. 3 months to be exact. Below is Michelle's story...


I am CrossFit!

I am CrossFit!

I am a Marathoner!

I am an Ironman!

I never thought anything would rate higher in my life (maybe “I am a mom” someday) than saying I am a marathon runner and an Ironman Triathlete until now. Before CrossFit I was an endurance junkie. I needed my adrenaline rush and needed to sweat to feel good. I felt ok, I was “content” with my body…..I thought I could only be fitter if I was training for another marathon or an Ironman. I ate healthy…whole grains, low fat dairy, lots of fruits and veggies and some lean protein. I was active and healthy but didn’t feel great…again I was content enough and basically settled for that…. CrossFit, however, has taken me into uncharted waters- I've increased my physical and mental strength (didn’t think was possible stemming from previous Ironman training), I'm discovering new muscles, and I am experiencing an overall sense of well-being and confidence that is hard to define other than that I FEEL GREAT! And yes, I still need to sweat to feel good, and still love the adrenaline rush, it is just different now. My mindset has changed..and that is a good thing..actually a great thing!

Within 3 months I've:

  • Changed the way I eat…PALEO has changed my whole outlook on food -Paleo really works for me! I love to cook and have been inspired to create new recipes and am having fun and eating well in doing so.
  • Increased my min per mile pace running (Averaged 7.39 min/per mile pace at a recent 5k). Previously averaged 8:30 to 9:30 min/mile.
  • Lost inches and body fat. I've gone from 15% to 13% body fat and lost approximately an inch almost everywhere!
  • Need new clothes!

I am physically, emotionally and mentally stronger.

I am happy, healthy and feel empowered.

I am CrossFit!

I am CrossFit!


  • Continue to work on technique and firing up fast twitch muscles
  • Stronger and leaner
  • Maintain between 11-13% body fat
  • Continue Paleo as an eating approach in life
  • Learn the Pose running method
  • Try an indoor class

My favorite part about CrossFit is that there seems to consistently be something NEW to learn…..a new move, a new technique, new facts about nutrition, new running form (still have a ways to go on that one) ---I am challenged and inspired by my coach Megan and peers. Thank you for helping me change and “re-shape” my life and attitude!

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