Monday, December 20, 2010

Skinny Tito's Holiday Drink

Why I drink Skinny drinks, specifically Tito's...

A vodka drink (one shot) has as little as 55 calories, zero carbs, zero fat, and is deemed by many as the cleanest type of alcohol. 

If you go vodka, you may as well go with the best.  Tito’s is recommended because:
  • distilled 6 times (3 more than most vodkas) –rendering the nectar of the alcohol without toxins found in most other brands 
  • made in a batch process in an old fashioned pot still – like fine Cognacs and scotches 
  • every batch is tasted and qualified by Tito himself 
  • 100% corn with no additives, so it is guaranteed totally gluten-free

As Tito puts it, no “squinch face” and no headaches (with proper hydration techniques, of course).

Tito’s has won the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco, beating 71 vodkas from around the world and just was recognized as the world’s best vodka and tonic at New York’s Cocktail Challenge. Tito’s is made in Austin, TX, goes down smooth and treats you right the day after. 

My favorite Skinny Tito's drink-
1 part Titos 
2 parts Club soda
2-3 fresh squeezed limes
salt on the rim

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