Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Goal achievement doesn’t come down to dreaming, writing out and planning. It comes down to the day-to-day decisions and behaviors of DOING what you said you were going to do, long enough for you to make it to the end point.

The past month and a half I have been hashing out my goals and everything I want to accomplish over the next year. I found it super encouraging to see I am already checking goals off my list before I even posted this blog. Coach Lisa Thiel is my accountability partner; her and I are seeing to it that we accomplish, reassess where needed, and take action. I challenge you to take the time to plan your life. Find someone to hold you to it. Below are some of my goals for 2011. Make your goals a reality!

 I will be a Lulu Ambassador- 12/2011
 I will cook every recipe in Mark Sisson’s cook book.
 I will go on 1 date per month.
 I will be featured in a top fitness magazine- 12/2011

3 MONTH—completed by 3/31/11
I will have Showout brand developed
Logo design
 Website--- showoutlife.com

I will cook every recipe in Mark Sisson’s cook book.
Prepare 1 new recipe each week

I will have professional photos completed- 3/5/2011
12% body fat
Find a photographer
 Schedule makeup appointment at MAC
Buy clothes

I will purchase an SUV
 Decide what car I want
Financing- done and done

I will expand my knowledge on CrossFit, boot camps, exercise science, business
 Read, watch videos a minimum of 15 minutes a day, 5x/week
3 MONTH—completed by 3/31/11
I will complete a muscle up
 I will practice muscle-ups on Mondays 10 minutes before/after class

 I will perform 10 consecutive chest-to-bar pull ups
 I will do 30 pull-ups, 5x/week

 I will perform 5 consecutive butterfly pull ups
 I will practice the butterfly movement on Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10 mins before/after class.

 I will perform HSPU in a workout
 Spend 10 minutes once a week practicing HSPU on days I do yoga.
Walk on hands 2x week before class
 Wall/hand/shoulder touches—perform 10, 2x/week on yoga and run days

 I will have 12% body fat
 Corn chips allowed 2x/month
Limit alcohol consumption to only 2x/week, max—clean drinks only

12 MONTH--
 I will have 300 boot campers consistently enrolled in Relentless Boot Camp programs- 10/2011 (start of October programs)
Relentless Boot Camps will be a house hold name in the nation. Brand awareness.
 Relentless Boot Camp will be recognized as a top boot camp in nation. Train other boot camp businesses with Garage Gym Blueprint (every session)
 Relentless Boot Camps will have 1 new corporate wellness program per quarter- 3/2011, 6/2011, 9/2011, 12/2011- done and done for Q1

3 MONTHcompleted by 3/31/11
 I will have 2 new full time Relentless coaches head coaching  2 classes with a minimum of 10 athletes per class
 Complete Mentor Coach manual- done and done
Process from shadowing---mentorship---coaching timeline complete- done and done
 Complete quizzes to include in 15-phase mentorship
Talk with other boot camp Head Coaches around Austin- in process
Consistently have 2 new coaches going through mentorship process- in process

 Relentless Boot Camps are a house hold name in Austin. Brand awareness.
I will have Twitter/Facebook/Relentless website fully synced
 Sync FB with Relentless home page- done and done
Spend 1 hour, 1x week, working on Relentless website
I will have a quarterly marketing plan mapped out for Relentless to delegate to other coaches to implement
 I will have a Relentless logo on client’s websites “About Me” section
 I will have Relentless shirts for sale and decals for every boot camper

 I will consistently have 15-18 boot campers in every boot camp I coach
 Implement showout brand (see above)
Attend 1 social network event monthly

 I will coach a max of 4 boot camps
Figure out what must happen financially to pass on a class- done and done
Talk to JT- done and done

 I will make time to spend in prayer
Turn off radio when in the car and pray
Ask for wisdom, discernment
 Pray for new possibilities
Be specific

 I will read “God’s Promises” daily devotional


  1. These are some awesome goals! It's great that you're so specific...I could use some more specific goals...Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Allie- Thanks for the feedback. I learn more and more how important specificity is when setting goals. Achieving them becomes like clockwork. Set BIG goals!