Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I enrolled one of my fabulous clients & friends to bake for me for the Women's Only Paleo Bake Sale today. The pic above is only a glimpse of what she made. No icing or coconut flakes were added quite yet to the big cupcakes.

The baked goods consisted of "Reese's" Chocolate Cupcakes and Vanilla Cupcakes. The "Reese's" Chocolate Cupcakes were her own creation made with almond butter, coconut flour, & almond flour. The frosting for both cupcakes included a mix of almond butter, agave, and cacao bliss. AMAZZZZZZZZZZING!

Like I told one of my athletes today, even though it's a clean dessert, it is still a DESSERT. Consume goodies similar to this sparingly but enjoy every single bite. It's a treat, not a cheat.

All proceeds for the bake sale go to the Habitat for Humanity Fitness Challenge
Go HERE to help us build a house by donating.

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