Monday, January 23, 2012

College Students are Relentless

I have the privilege of coaching Emily during the summer months and over her holiday school breaks. She brings a young, vibrant energy to the 8:30am class at Lake Pointe. The best part is her mom has been attending Relentless Athletic Training for over 3 years, and her older sister also joins the group during the summer and holiday school breaks. Watching a mom/daughter duo work out together is inspiring and something I hope for when I have kids some day.

I saw Emily improve her strength by going from a 15lb to a 25lb kettlebell. Each class Emily and her mom would be neck and neck on the runs, which says a lot since Mary (her mom) is a phenomenal runner. I knew when she reported back to UT, she would be ready to perform in tip-top condition since our classes are programmed with a combination of CrossFit, HIIT, kettlebell, and traditional sports conditioning. Emily is RELENTLESS on and off the field. Obviously, my favorite part of the statement above is the last sentence.

Emily writes....

I have been doing outdoor athletic training in the summer and over my school breaks for about a year now. Its been a great fitness activity to do with my sister and my Mom. As a member of The University of Texas Pom Squad, I strive to stay in the best shape that I can. Athletic Training has supplemented my Pom training and improved my overall endurance levels. Above all, Relentless Athletic Training makes me feel like a SHOWOUT, who doesn't want that!?

Take advantage of our student discount and get 25% off Athletic Training classes. The next sessions begins January 30th and is the perfect kick start to get ready for Spring Break.
 2x/week- $100
3x/week- $150
Be Relentless HERE.

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