Thursday, January 5, 2012

Small steps make a big difference

One of my 2012 goals is to write for a column in a fitness magazine--- Shape, Oxygen, and/or Fitness Rx for Women. This month I was featured in the "Fresh Start for a Fit 2012" article in Austin Woman thanks to our friends at My Fit List. Each article submission is one step closer to writing on a national scale.

I was proud to be the voice of Relentless Training Systems amongst other fitness experts in Austin. Check out the online version HERE.

I wrote...

TOP TIP: Balance, balance, balance. I approach everything with the outlook of work hard, play hard. I view my career, social life, family, and friends as my lifestyle, and it provides a completely different approach to life. Instead of compartmentalizing my health and wellness, I live it daily.

MOTIVATION: I started something new the day after Thanksgiving: 21 days of daily writing and exercising my dreaming muscles. This is not goal setting: it is dreaming, dreaming up new possibilities.

INSPIRATION: "Never forget that each new day is bringing you closer to your dreams."

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