Friday, February 10, 2012

I am Irresistible

Confidence does not come out of no where. It is a result of something-- hours and days and weeks and years-- of constant work and dedication. ~Roger Staubach

Relentless Training Systems kicked off their very 1st 6-week Boot Camp 2 weeks ago. All the athletes came to orientation the Saturday before classes to get body comps complete, an overview of nutrition, and to set expectations.

I am so fired up about this new avenue within Relentless. We had over 40 athletes sign up for our 1st session and every single one of them are brand new to anything CrossFit. Niki volunteered to be the athlete we will follow over the next 6 weeks to document her success. Check out her video above.

I am passionate about making a statement in Austin, TX. Every single coach on the Relentless staff is upping the ante. Personally, I am adding more value to my athlete's experience, sharing with everyone I meet about what I do, and letting the world know what I am up. As Staubach states above, do work day in and day out and the benefits will reap.


Are you irresistible? I challenge you to choose to chase confidently after your dreams and goals.

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