Friday, February 24, 2012

Wedding Bells for Carrie

I had the joy of coaching Carrie over the past 2 months in preparation for her wedding day in March. Yesterday was her last day of class. The 6:30am Tu/Th O.Henry Athletic Training class is going to miss her. Within no time at all, Carrie became close friends with the athletes in class. If she was not in class working out with her crew, you would see her out and about around town with her fellow classmates getting in a workout. This past Tuesday, Carrie, Sarah, Kate, & Michelle (all from 6:30am Tu/Th O.Henry) put in a 2-a-day and worked out with me at our monthly FIT MOB. That is what Relentless Athletic Training is all is more than show up for 1 hour to workout, but meeting new people, receiving accountability from individuals you sweat with each week, and developing friendships that go beyond the workout setting.

Carrie writes....

"I am going to miss your class like CRAZY. I've loved it so much, Megan. I cannot tell you how happy I've been to be a part of your group...and how sad I am to leave it. Honestly, I think it really made me (1) more fit and wedding ready (2) more motivated to join CrossFit (maybe endurance or indoor since there's no relentless-type that i know of...) in Tyler. It's amazing how quickly a community of friends forms! I'm gonna need that up there asap!!!! I'm pumped about this next chapter. Thanks for helping me get there. These few months have been big ones for me. :)"

Best of luck, Carrie!!! I am so proud of her, and I have no doubt she will rock it on her wedding day. I expect to see a picture of Carrie flexing her guns on wedding day.

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