Tuesday, April 10, 2012

True Strength

I have the privilege of coaching and training along side some of the top athletes in the sport of CrossFit. Their physical strength is unmatched compared to the everyday population, and they give other CrossFit competitors from around the world a run for their money at competitions.

Easter Sunday I saw strength in a completely different light. My Dad is someone I look up to, trust, admire. A man I turn to for advice. He is someone who has always believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself. He's provided unconditional love and a good dose of tough love in my 31 years.

As I wrote earlier this month, losing my Poppie was extremely difficult. I have come to realize it was just as hard on my Dad too losing his father. On Sunday I saw my Dad show strength through vulnerability, honesty, and love---It takes strength to weep over your Father in front of your kids.  It takes strength to share you would not be where you are today without the death and resurrection of Jesus. It takes strength to simply admit you are sad and missing a loved one. My Dad's ego was put aside, no hard shell, and raw strength shining.

I am surrounded by physically strong men every single day, but to see a man show strength from deep down in his soul was a day I will never forget. My Dad is a man who will forever hold a dear place in my heart and has set the standard for what it means to be strong from the inside, out. Love you, SHOWdad!

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  1. Our dad is a one of a kind dad! Love him so much.