Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Small group training forming NOW

I am a huge proponent of interval track work paired with bleachers, body weight exercises, kettlebells,  and exercise bands. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training is all about speed. Speed during exercises - it's intense. Speed during workouts - usually they last less than 20 minutes and speed for results. A HIIT workout will lose up to 9 times more fat than a similar cardio workout. HIIT training has a number of distinct goals and differences which make it unique.

One of the key principles around  HIIT is preventing a plateau. It’s designed around pushing your body to constantly adapt. Get off your plateau or simply get off your butt and take advantage of training with the Pump & Shred crew.

Personally I love training with 1 or 2 other people to enhance the level of accountability and to have someone to encourage me, sweat with me, and have fun. Training in a small group with a personal trainer offers the benefits of 1-on-1 training with half the cost. Lots of attention and more bang for your buck.

  • Fri 6am at O.Henry Middle School- 1 open spot!
  • Wed & Fri 7am at O.Henry Middle School- 2 spots!
  • Mon & Wed 10am at Austin High- 3 open spots!
  • Saturday 10am at O.Henry Middle School - 2 open spots!
Price: $300 per 8 sessions for 2x/week. Single a la carte sessions can be purchased at a rate of $40 a visit.

Email me at for inquiries on additional times & locations.

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