Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

40 Burpee Buy in
 My 5:30am & 6:30am O.Henry and 8am Barton Hills Athletic Training classes took on Michelle's 40th Birthday WOD today, and it was a doozie. Michelle is a dear friend of mine and has been in Relentless Training for close to 3 years. My goal is to be in shape just like her by the time I turn 40, which is closer than I realize--> 9 years to go!

40th Birthday WOD
Buy-in: 40 burpees

O.Henry class took off from the school and ran up the hill on 12th St. to Meriden and back.
Barton Hills class ran up Wilke and back.
1 round-
40 American/Russian swings (alternating back & forth)
40 thrusters
40 dips
40 frog jumps
Finish with the same run from above.

The workout took anywhere from 23-28 minutes. I was very proud of all my athletes today! I have some brand new gals who just joined from our 6-Week Boot Camp and they did awesome. You are never too out of shape or too fast to get in a Relentless workout. We meet you right where you are and push it to the limit.

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