Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garage Gym Throwdown Series

Check out my latest article on The Triune below. Mark your calendars for the Garage Gym Throwdown Series kicking off on April 20th. Registration opens TODAY!

The Relentless Event Series comes around every Spring. The idea manifested from Jeremy Thiel and I discussing how to bring the excitement of competition to our outdoor Relentless Boot Camp community.  Just like the atmosphere in our boot camp classes, we wanted to create a fun and challenging atmosphere that would strengthen the Austin fitness community. The very first event we hosted was Garage Gym Throwdown held at LCRA parking garage which quickly became an athlete favorite over the last three years.
Garage Gym Throwdown is a party!  We fill the parking garage with music, vendors, and spectators galore. Teams of 2 race from the top, to the bottom of the parking garage, and back up all while completing mini WODs at each level. The first team to make it back to the top with the fastest time wins. Vendors from all over Austin show up to this competition offering free food and a chance to buy the newest products on the scene. It is kid and crowd friendly as there are areas at each level to cheer for your favorite team competing. The costumes are awesome and some teams get extremely creative and have their kids dress up too. Last year one team of Relentless Boot Camp athletes, Carrie and Sarah, were surprised by friend and boyfriend, Eric, with a tent set up that had a big banner spelling their names out. It was the perfect warm up spot before their heat. The event comes to a close with a big after party at Abel’s on the Lake around lunch time. It is my favorite event we host!
relentless32013 will be our second year to host the Urban Run, formerly know as the Relentless 5K. This is not your typical 5K; it’s an outdoor CrossFit meets running event. Teams of two tackle the 5K in a relay fashion. While 1 partner is completing a WOD, the other partner is running a 1 mile loop and vice versa. The 5K ends with a final loop as a team. This event last year surprised a lot of the athletes and came out to be one of the most challenging yet the most fun. It was truly a team effort coming across the finish line with your teammate after already completing a 1 mile loop and a WOD. Pure sense of accomplishment!
CrossFit boxes and athletes all over Austin have competed in the series in an effort to show case the caliber of athletes at their box, provide an opportunity for new people who simply want to compete in an event, and allow individuals to try out an outdoor CrossFit event.

I have personally competed in both events and enjoyed each of them tremendously. Both offered a chance for me to test different physical skills, and I was able to team up with athletes I coach on a daily basis. If you are looking for a different challenge that encompasses kettlebells, dumbbells, parallettes, tires, boxes, sandbags, and more—then I highly recommend giving the Garage Gym Throwdown Series a go this year.

Registration opens today HERE

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