Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8 weeks and Beyond

"You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face."- Gatorade Ad

The quote above could not be more appropriate for this time of year. It is blazing hot. No 8-week challenges to help stay the course. It's summer break. Vacation time. The list can go on and on for all the reasons to say "NEXT" and that you need a break.

However, I realized today how thankful I am to coach athletes who hold each other accountable and are consistently applying all the nutrition skill sets they have learned over the past year. As a coach, it is so empowering to see clients come together and help each other up reach their goals, then as a byproduct, I get to see their success in class and outside of class. Seeing clients truly make lifestyle changes and improve their quality of life beyond an 8-week challenge is truly rewarding.

It has been a month since the completion of the Trojan Challenge, and I could not be more proud of the athletes I coached that are continuing to online food log and hold each other accountable post Trojan challenge. I wanted to share an email exchange I was copied on amongst them this week about a recipe (pics of the breakfast above).

Speaking of recipes…I have to share my bfast with you all.

I had leftover egg whites from making a horseradish garlic sauce(recipe in paleo for athletes cookbook.YUM!) for our buffalo steak and veggies last night and so…..for bfast mom and I had……

Egg white crepes with veggies!

4 egg whites

A bit less than a ¼ of a cup unsweetened coconut milk (approx. amount)

Whisked that together.

Heat a 10 inch skillet

I used coconut oil

Pour a thin layer of egg mixture…cook about a min or until you see edges brown and then cover for about 30 sec to a min to cook top.

Slide out and then fill with whatever you have one hand

I used leftover grilled zucchini, grilled jalapeno, and grilled avocado (yes..grilled..delic) and also mixed in fresh spinach and garlic!

Wrap, eat and ENJOY! So amazing!

Who holds you accountable each day?

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