Monday, July 26, 2010

Mike O' Workout

Mike is in my Tu/Th 6:30am Relentless boot camp at Deep Eddy Park. The picture above is him performing sand bag carries up the stairs at Deep Eddy during our week off from class last week. Now that is what I call a Relentless athlete.

Since joining class a year ago, Mike has lost over 20lbs and 6% body fat. He never misses a class, has referred countless friends to our Relentless and CrossFit Central programs, and leads by example to his friends across the country and in the work place. Check out Mike's success story from this past December. He continues to improve daily. The workout below is in his honor.

The Mike O' Workout-
2 rounds- 2 of his co-workers workout in the same class with him
21 KB swings - for losing 21 lbs, and he loves kettlebells
20 burpees- 1st class on May 20th of last year
6 sprints- for losing 6% body fat, and he is the fastest guy in class


  1. Mike is a warrior. He turned me on to Crossfit and better nutrition early this year. It has changed my life.

    Put me down for a Mike O' Workout this weekend.


  2. This is awesome, Megan! Mike is kickin' ass and takin' names. He's a baller for sure.

    I'm proud to see my former boss and colleague of 4 1/2 years making such great progress. Keep up the great work, Mike!