Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Hustlers

Rachel thanked me with farm-fresh eggs from her chicken coop and Kale salad. Rachel lost 2lbs, 2%  body fat, and 11 inches!!!

Marcy took matter into her own hands and had me take before & after pics. Marcy lost 5lbs, 3% body fat, and 6 inches! Pictures say it all.

I truly enjoyed the Lean Turkey Challenge. I had the opportunity to coach athletes I would never coach. The Holiday Hustlers kicked A$$ over the 6 weeks! One of the biggest lessons learned over the 6 weeks was balance--it is absolutely possible to lean up amongst the the holiday season. No need to have an all or nothing attitude and relying on the statement, "I'll start in the New Year." These 6 athletes proved it can happen NOW!

We got 4th place on the workout yesterday and everyone saw significant results. Debbie lost 5lbs, dropped to 19.7% body fat, and lost 5inches. More results from Ashok, Kelly, & Autumn will be posted in a few days.

Nice work, Holiday Hustlers!

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