Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Burpee Hustle

Sarah in the M/W 6:15pm class at Little Stacy Park took on the 100 day Burpee challenge all by herself. She had a burning desire to improve her endurance with this exercise, and I could not pick a better way to see progress.  Today (Thanksgiving Day) is Day 100.

Sarah exemplifies dedication, strength, and fun. When she puts her mind to something, she makes it happen. No excuses. Congrats, Sarah, for taking on this Challenge and seeing it through completion. The end results are apparent in class each week. I am so proud!

Check out the workout below she came up with to knock out her 100 burpees and some to grow on with her family today.

Turkey Burpee Hustle-
10 - 1 burpees and american swings
Run a lap
10 - 1 burpees and situps
Run a lap
10 - 1 burpees and squats
Run a lap
10 - 1 burpees and pushups

That's a total of 210 burpees! I challenge each of you to do this workout today. I will be completing it this weekend.

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