Monday, November 1, 2010


I had a wonderful weekend! My team took 3rd place at the Butcher Challenge. Our costumes were SIC. I never knew Daniel and Robert could pull off looking like a CrossFit Central female coach so well. The event was 1st class, and I have a new found respect for the Butcher after Saturday. A big shout out to Robert, Daniel, and Emily who helped make up a baller team with me.

I spent the remainder of Saturday afternoon hanging out with my little sister (aka: BabyShowout) for the UT vs. Baylor game. It was a fun and entertaining day tailgating since she is a UT student, and I am a Baylor alum. I sported my Baylor Line jersey that I got my freshmen year of college. It was hilarious talking to other Baylor students and hearing them say how Baylor no longer makes green jerseys---hence, my jersey is 11 years old. All I have to say is SIC'EM!!!!! It feels great to be a part of a winning team this year. Ranked 21st!

More pics from the Butcher Challenge coming soon. Clearly losing my camera in Mexico has made picture taking quite a hassle the past week. NEXT.

How did you spend your Halloween weekend? Did you create any new recipes to stick to your goals? I know my Lean Turkey team, Holiday Hustlers, stuck to their guns on the dessert intake.

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