Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet, Lindsay!

(pictured: Coach Lindsay in the middle at the Iron Belle competition)

Meet, Lindsay! She is one of the most disciplined and empathetic individuals I know, which clearly plays into 2 of her strengths, Discipline and Empathy. Lindsay was married about a month ago, and her life has been flipped upside down since then. However, this woman has come out of the gates ready and on fire to take Relentless and her life to new heights.

I am excited to watch her skill sets expand our corporate wellness division (RAW), and utilize her new talents of videography to capture the true essence of Relentless Training! Check out her 1st video production HERE.

Lindsay is a top-notch, caring, one-of-a-kind people that you want to know and be her friend. I am thankful to have this young lady on our team and to work along side her.

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