Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meet tinyFIT!

(pictured: Michelle, tinyFIT, Showout)

Meet Lauren McAuliffe, also known as tinyFIT! Lauren is the newest coach to jump on the scene with Relentless. I had the honor of coaching Lauren for about 8 months along with seeing her transform during the 8-week Trojan Challenge.

Lauren is full of life, energy, and fun and is one of the toughest tiny people I know. Her and I share quite a bit in common-- from our core values of Balance and Integrity to the Communication aspect of our Strengths. We talked the other day on the phone for a good 30 minutes and created new business ideas within Relentless, new boot camp locations, and refined her future within our company.

I am blessed to have someone like Lauren in my life. Someone I get to work along side, someone I watched get engaged and now begin creating a new life, but also someone I hang out with and fills my bucket.

Team PURSUIT is a bucket full of go-getters and Lauren is absolutely one of them!

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