Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Transform from the Outside, In.

(pictured: Mike-- 2010 Empowerment Story

I would say about 90% of our clients come to us wanting to lose weight, get stronger, and lean up. Which makes absolute sense, since we are in the business of getting people in the best shape ever through our vehicle, CrossFit. But what amazes me the most is watching clients transform from the Outside, In.

I know everyone has heard the phrase, "Transformed from the inside out." However, I dare to go out on a limb to say that as coaches we are actually doing the opposite--Transforming from the Outside, In. The beauty of my job is having a client come to me wanting to get in the best physical shape and then as a by-product their entire life changes. They start setting goals beyond fitness, revamping relationships with friends and family, taking on personal development courses they never dreamed, beginning new hobbies and/or careers, and living the life they always wanted, while simultaneously looking and feeling the best they have ever felt. A complete transformation from the Outside, In.

I am a complete byproduct of this philosophy. I joined classes at CrossFit Central in June 2008 and made a total transformation from the Outside, In.

For anyone motivated to get into better shape that only runs skin deep, I say, "More power to you!" Simply because I know the end result is greater than you ever imagined.

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