Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fight Mr. Resistance

Jeremy asked each of us coaches to come to our meeting tomorrow with our 2012 motto--a statement that triggers a response, motivates, pushes me into action. Over the past month I have been fortunate to start spending more time with my brother, Tyler, again since he is back in the Austin area. He is a unique individual with determination and a heart of fire. Tyler is someone you either love or hate...typically there is not an in between. However, that is what I admire and respect the most about him. What you see is what you get. No bullshit. Honesty.

Tyler and I have been watching quite a few videos from the Ultimate Warrior.  Every time I watch the video above I get fired up and ready to take on the world. I used to watch the Ultimate Warrior fight back in the day when my Dad would watch wrestling. This guy is hilarious and straight forward. One of his sayings is Fight Mr. Resistance. The statement hit a cord with me the 1st time I heard it.

What exactly does Fight Mr. Resistance mean?
  • When it's 20-degrees outside and your clients are depending on you to show up and bring 100% and all you want to do is sleep, Fight Mr. Resistance
  • When you get push back from family and peers regarding your dreams and goals, Fight Mr. Resistance
  • When you have averaged 4 hours of sleep multiple nights due to deadlines and life, Fight Mr. Resistance
  • When the daily grind seems unbearable and you want to quit, Fight Mr. Resistance
  • When your training your ass off for the big end goal and you just want to rest,  Fight Mr. Resistance
  • When you want to make excuses for why you don't have what you have, Fight Mr. Resistance. 
You get the point.  This statement is now written across my mirror for me to read multiple times a day. 2012 is a year to be reckon.

Fight Mr. Resistance.


  1. I like that quick saying and the examples you gave Fight Mr. Resistance!

  2. Thanks, Marcos. The statement is already come in handy this week.