Monday, December 12, 2011

reactive to PROACTIVE

Excitement must lead to immediate action or you will lose power of momentum. More dreams die because we fail to seize the moment. Do it NOW!!!- Tony Robbins

What are you doing NOW to best prepare yourself for 2012? I challenged the Relentless coaching staff and myself to shift our actions from reactive to proactive. To stay at least 1 step ahead of our client's needs and our future growth. To live in the realm of self-initiation. To get our hands dirty and straight up do work.

The quote above from Tony Robbins is my mindset. I am fired up with all the new changes for Relentless Training Systems in 2012, my new journey to compete and win a Figure competition in July, and the development of a national brand . The excitement of the new and unknown is a huge driving force for me right now. I am absolutely capitalizing on my excitement and the excitement of our team to build momentum and start the new year with a bang!

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