Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Fun

(Me & tinyFIT at our end-of-year Staff Banquet)

Relentless Training Systems are off for the next 2 weeks. It is a nice break for us coaches, but I do know our athletes still want to get in some workouts. Personally, this time of year is full of going out with my friends (see pic above), but also making time to get in workouts. Work hard. Play hard.

Below are a few workout suggestions that require minimal equipment.

Workout #1- Compliments of up and coming coach, Adam Martin
100 air squats
90 russian twist with a kettlebell
80 grasshoppers
70 russian swings
600m run
50 american swings
40 KB sumo deadlift high pull
30 KB wall balls
20 pushups
10 wall walks

After many visits to Dave and Sam at Next Level, I learned I need to work the glute max and medius. If you have a Perform Better band then I recommend the following right before a workout:
20 lateral band walks (10 on each side)
90 seconds of static bridge holds (place 1 to 2 bands above knees)
Jane Fondas (minimum of 60 seconds on each side)

Workout #2- I did this workout with my sister yesterday.
Wheelbarrow- She held my feet 1 direction and then we switched. Followed by 10 ring rows while the other partner did as many plyo pushups as possible until the partner was done with the ring rows. 4 rounds.

Next we did the following KB complex:
Power clean
Front rack squat
Swing & clean
 *equals 1 rep. Perform 3 on right, 3 on left, followed by 10 V-ups. 4 rounds

I challenge you to get creative over the holiday. Use ledges for box jumps, dips, decline/incline pushups. Find a tree to do pullups or visit the closest track. Find a way to workout with family members. I always love when my sister and I workout together. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! It's all about balance.

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