Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meal prepping at its Best!

I am going to take a moment and brag on my 5K Race partner, Michelle. Check out the amazing breakfast and extra food she made for the week on Tuesday morning after her 6:30am Athletic Training class at O.Henry. That is some divine food prepping at it's finest. I vote for Michelle to open her own trailer and share the yumminess of healthy food with all of Austin. Votes???!!!

 Turkey Scramble:  Sauté green onions, zucchini, okra, spinach with fresh
herbs from the garden, coconut oil and a bit of roasted red pepper pesto
mixed with ground turkey and peppers.

 Salmon cakes: Caramelize fennel then shred zucchini …mixed those together with green onions, (from the garden) capers, spices, fresh herbs, a bit of mayo and mustard, an egg and
some flaxseed meal to make it bind …and 1 can of wild salmon…. Voila!
Sautéed with coconut oil, paprika and cayenne!

And then the treat...chocolate chip cookies, made w/ almond flour,
grapeseed oil, agave, baking  soda, vanilla, salt and toasted almonds and
unsweetened coconut.

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