Monday, May 21, 2012

Respect for our fire fighters

Fight for Air this year was the best one yet. I was greeted Saturday morning by the fabulous, Lina, and she was just the person I needed to see when I walked up to Frost Bank. My drive to the race was a bit emotional. Reflecting on the death of my Poppie only 2 months ago and the recent lung cancer diagnosis of my Mima made this event hit very close to home. Life is short and you never know when today is the last time you will see someone you dearly love. A few tears later and I was ready to go.

I suited up in full on fire gear--- boots, pants, jacket, and a 30lb tank. All together everything weighed an additional 55lbs. I voted to not wear the helmet. The biggest difference with the fire gear on was the heat. WOW. It was hot. I have a new found respect for firemen. I was only wearing the gear and not carrying a water hose or a person over my shoulder and running into a burning building---that's next level. Richard, Jeff, and Larry who train with Coach Travis at RedBlack Gym were great! They helped me get suited up and hooked me up with the gear.

I finished the race in 8:02. Only 3:30 slower than last year but with completely different elements. I was super pleased with my time and received a ton of high fives when I finished.  Check out pictures from the race on Saturday HERE.

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