Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My personal training client, Melodee, is a whizz in the kitchen. She can whip up the most amazing different dishes with only a few small ingredients. The key is her fresh herbs from her garden. After summer is over I will plant an herb garden in my backyard. One of the best things about training Melodee at her house in the backyard is the smell of fresh basil, rosemary, thyme, and oregano all around us. I whipped up something similar to what she calls Garlic Paste.

~12 garlic cloves
Fresh spinach

Olive oil
Add lemon juice if the pesto is too spicy from the garlic

Directions: Add garlic cloves to food processor and chop until the cloves are almost mush. Slowly pour in olive oil while mixing. Do not pour the olive oil too fast or the paste will turn into a runny mess. I also added fresh spinach, olives, and basil to the food processor. Add ingredients until you reach the consistency desired.

I added my Pesto to fresh tomato and basil seasoned with sea salt and pepper. It's also great with any source of protein. Think of the pesto as your "fat" with a meal. Enjoy!

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