Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CrossFit & Mt Climbing

My 6:30AM Tu/Th Deep Eddy boot camper joined boot camp to help him with his mountain climb in June. Below are pictures and captions of his journey.

Great job, Brad! You are CrossFit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad's comments: This is me with my guide at the top. It was 19,347 ft. The highest active volcano in the world. The climb was much more difficult and dangerous than we anticipated. Only 4 out of 12 made it to the top. I was 1 of the 4 and actually the first one up. I was carrying my brothers ashes with me so I think he helped. Your training helped me much more than I imagined. I normally do a lot of cardio before a climb but your squats, lunges and overall workout helped tremendously. Thank you very much.

Brad's comments: This one is pretty cool. I am on my way down but notice the
drop off on the right and how narrow the trail is. We started the climb at
one in the morning so on my way up I was on trails smaller than this and
only my headlamp to see with. Yikes.

Brad's comments: This is steeper than it looks. It was about 50 ft up near the top. It was
an ice shoot.
Brad's comments: Last but not least I think I am waiving my white flag to surrender. I was
physically exhausted but then had to climb down. You would think that would
be the easy part but its almost as difficult.

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