Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who are you?

I know most of you as clients at CrossFit Central; however, I do not know some of you anymore than simply a workout CrossFit beast. I thought I would share a bit more about who I am beyond a coach at CrossFit Central.

Meg loves, watches, listens, drinks, reads....
ocean & beach; sun; being tan; daisies; lilies; the color red; curly hair; dancing; Ouidad; Jesus; bright finger nail and toe nail polish; MAC makeup; red wine; family; Titos, water, & 3 limes; Mexican martinis; patios in the summer; self-help, motivational books; Advocare; lists; soft sheets; journaling; college football, specifically Texas Tech; track; Baylor; ESPN; Grey's Anatomy; Private Practice; Michael Johnson; hip-hop and R&B music; country music; almond butter; coconut oil; being a hot mess; Texas Country music; tailgating; and of course SHOWIN OUT and CROSSFIT!!!

Who are you beyond a CrossFit beast?????

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