Thursday, November 12, 2009

Define Showout...

Whitney and I were Showout Golf Caddies for Halloween. You better believe we were sportin the Double C gear under our skirts thanks to the lovely boy shorts from the CrossFit Central's Women's Challenge. The whole showout/athletic look came together from head to toe =).

About a week ago I asked my friends on Facebook the following question:

What is your definition of Showout?

I am in the process of making tees, and I am looking for all the input I can get. Shoot me an email at or post a comment below. I want to hear everyone's thoughts. This is what I have thus far... However, I did leave off Lance's question marks. Ha!
  • Someone who says holler, focus, next and hot mess on a daily basis. Haha!
  • A stronge, confident person who is comfortable in there own skin and it shows!
  • Sassy, confident AND FUN like you!
  • Last name-Parsons! :)
  • Chutzpah!
  • Mindblowing determination + heart of gold + belief in herself + amazing sense of humor. (aka Megan Parsons :)
  • Hotties
  • I don't think that is even a word :-)

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